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Would You Like Cereal With Your Coffee?


Cereal with your coffee? An odd but fascinating combination is coming true to New Yorkers as Kellogg Cereal is set to open it’s first restaurant. Kellogg’s NYC has opened it’s doors on July 1st. Although not a restaurant and more of a cafe, the cafe will be featuring 14 of it’s famous cereals, along with toppings, such as fruits, and nuts and seeds, as well as beverages, and sundaes.  There is an option to build your own concoction as well. A bowl of cereal with milk will cost you only $7.50.

So how did this all come about? In 2015 Kellogg’s and the restaurant company Journee set out to re-envision the way cereal is looked at, according to their website. Kellogg’s will be turning 110 in 2016 and will be a huge milestone for the company with this restaurant opening up. Their goal is to have you “enjoy a bowl of cereal just as much as you would at your own house”. The chef, Christina Tosi, is looking to add some perspective and a healthier way to make your cereal at Kellogg’s a one of a kind experience.

The location is to give an “at home” feeling, whether you are running to work, or just grabbing something on the go, Kellogg’s NYC is set to make you feel comfortable. With many options to choose from, one can make up a new creation every time they walk through the doors. When one orders they will receive a buzzer notifying them when the cereal or whatever it is that was ordered is ready. One then goes to a wall of cabinets with the number provided and pulls out the order, just as if they were at home getting cereal from a cabinet in the kitchen. One of a kind right?

So where is this new location and how can you get your hands on one of those bowls of cereal? Kellogg’s cafe is located in the heart of New York City in Times Square. What better place to eat a bowl of cereal than right in Times Square before work? It may not be the ideal place for a commuter or New York City worker, but for the tourists it is sure to give them something to visit, and will likely increase sales right from the beginning.

Link found right here to Kellogg’s NYC and more information on the menu, location and hours. http://kelloggsnyc.com/

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