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Not Your Average Milkshake


Cokes, hamburgers, and a good old milkshake are what one thinks of when they want the typical American dining experience, but a new milkshake establishment is grabbing New York City by storm. The restaurant, named Black Tap, is a one of kind NYC experience. It is definitely not your average dining experience. First and foremost one must have the patience to relish in these one-of-a-kind milkshakes. The wait time to get into the two locations could vary from a half hour to a lengthy two hours. With its two locations being in SoHo and Meatpacking district, it can easily be seen as to why this business is booming. Black Tap first opened it’s doors to the public in 2015, and thanks to the effectiveness of social media, users on Instagram started posting these unique, colorful, vibrant milkshakes for all to see. With that, Black Tap became an instant hit. Joe Isidori is the chef and owner of this growing business. He attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, which is roughly two hours north of the city, near Poughkeepsie.

It’s not all about milkshakes, though. Black Tap features craft beers and out of this world burgers. The saying ‘save the best for last’ is an understatement at Black Tap.With four different speciality shakes for an affordable price of just $15, one is in for the sugar rush of their life. Sweet N’ Salty, The Cookie, Cotton Candy, and Sour Power are the four speciality shakes available, but ‘limited editions’ are also available, such as the “New Yorker Shake” which was only available from June 24th to the 26th. It was also used in helping out to reach awareness on AIDS. For Valentines Day one could indulge in a red velvet sundae which also brought out the sweet tooth in practically anyone. Also, if one is just looking for the simpleness of a regular shake Black Tap offers regular shakes at just $7. What could be better?



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