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Fireworks Gone Wrong


This Fourth of July one is excited to eat, drink, and most importantly watch the fireworks light up the sky. But for many people, homemade fireworks, now legal in NY, it is an opportunity to test what they can do and put on their own show.

Unfortunately for one tourist, fireworks had a different faith rather than showing a spectacle. Around 11 A.M. local time, on Sunday, July 3rd, a man was severely wounded, with most of the damage done to his lower left calf. Connor Golden from Fairfax, Virginia had accidentally stepped on what is believed to be “leftover material” from fireworks.  He is to undergo surgery and is in stable condition at the moment at Bellevue hospital center.

For New Yorker’s visiting central park today, the scene came as quite a big of a scare. An explosion was heard, and most feared the worst. Rumors swirled that Central Park was to be evacuated, but contrary to what people had thought and posted, people quickly found out the unfortunate news. President Obama who was in town for late Nobel Peace Prize winner, Elie Wiesel’s funeral, and was notified of the explosion that took place.

Witnesses had said the noise was loud and that after the explosion all one could see is dust. The NYPD and FBI are working closely to monitor the scene and find out as to what made these fireworks go off. Some officers are saying that it is very common for there to be “home experiments” with fireworks, especially this time of year and that one must use caution when using them. Many business goers who sell beverages and food were told to leave the premises and lost business for the day, which is very unfortunate as NYC is booming with tourists at this time of the year.

Although fireworks can be fun and entertainment and one might even take the risk of experimenting with them, it’s always a safer bet to leave it to the professionals.

At NY Rush, we wish you a very happy and safe fourth of July.

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