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At NYFW, the CAAFD 2016 Showcase Presented PONYO PORCO, Jessica Van, and LAISON


The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers (CAAFD) 2016 Showcase kicked off this year with three up and coming designers: PONYO PORCO, Jessica Van, and LAISON. This show was presented in cooperation with iFashion Network as part of the I’Mpossible Challenge, in the aspiration to get more eyes on international emerging designers.

The designers, ranging from bright blues, beautiful corals, and soft greens, opened to a completely packed house on September 11 in New York City. The three designers’ individual tastes differed in fabric, texture, and color which allowed the audience to experience their vision.

First to walk the runway was PONYO PORCO. The designer duo and founders, Lupa and Larry, worked together to create individual designs that harmonized on the runway. The brand focuses on hand-painted printing ideas that popped against their bright blues and pinks.


Photo Courtesy of Jay Shaw


Photo Courtesy of Jay Shaw


Photo Courtesy of Jay Shaw

Second to walk the runway was Australian native, Jessica Van. The designer was headed to a career surrounding science, but took a big risk and channeled her passion into fashion. Van used the world of the Australian fauna and floral to represent her line.  The designer worked with beautiful corals and soft fabrics against rugged chainlike materials.


Photo Courtesy of Jay Shaw


Photo Courtesy of Jay Shaw


Photo Courtesy of Jay Shaw

Last to walk the runway was LAISON. Founder and Creative Director, Aurelia Santoso, brought her looks to New York and dazzled the audience. The designer’s vision is to create ready-to-wear pieces for the urban woman. Her designs included soft greens, versatile jackets, and evening dresses.


Photo Courtesy of Jay Shaw

Photo Courtesy of Jaw Shaw


Photo Courtesy of Jay Shaw

The CAAFD provided a tremendous platform for the three designers for their Spring/Summer 2017 collections. Every year the CAAFD showcases get bigger and better, and this year was no different! Here’s to next year’s somehow topping this one, it may sound impossible, but not for the I’Mpossible Challenge!

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