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New York Fashion Week Welcomes the Return of Street Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is, as we all know it, one of the most famous fashion events in the world. It routinely sees triumphant debuts as well as jaw-dropping returns that vastly improve upon previous entries, and it is witnessing a surging of new, developing talent, namely the Street Fashion Week, which recently had it’s second showing.

After wowing fans and critics during the Spring/Summer fashion week season, Street Fashion Week returned and turned up the quality even more. The four designers on showcase, Siobhan Hunter, Champ of HYBRID CLOTHING, Francki of EX-MERMAID, and Project Runway’s David Giampiccolo knocked this showcase out of the park with something New York has never seen before.

Prior to the show starting, a select group of press and buyers were granted access to a cocktail party and sneak preview consisting of five pieces from each featured designer. The air was electric with only that small group of viewers, and all could tell the show was going to be a hit before the full audience even came through the doors.

The first designer to open the show was Philidelphia-based Siobhan Hunter. Hunter was not intimidated by being the first designer at all and came out swinging. Hunter’s designs were capped off by an incredible finale that played from a feminist point of view of first lady Melania Trump.

Following Siobhan Hunter was the Candian wonder designer Champ, from HYBRID CLOTHING. Champ’s collection for this Street Fashion Week was titled “If this doesn’t work, I’ll murder myself.” A very striking title indeed! The all male model cast for this showcase presented only the most stylish examples of luxurious fabrics and one of a kind trim details that have become HYBRID CLOTHING’s trademark.

Following the first two designers, the audience composed of journalists, bloggers, models and VIPs was treated to a brief intermission containing cocktails from Arizona Beverage. Arizona Beverage took this opportunity to unveil their newest line of Skateboarding merchandise and doled out items from the Arizona Skateboarding collection, including skateboard decks, grip tape, dresses and even more.

Following the intermission was the only New York-based designer of the event, Francki of EX-MERMAID. Francki made sure to impart a trance-like ambiance for this showcase. Uptown and downtown vibes meshed perfectly for this truly unique presentation. Naomi Alabi, founder of Street Fashion Week had the following to say about this showcase: “Designer Francki of Ex-Mermaids is such a pleasure to work with; her range of design aesthetic is so impressive. Even after all the time I spent working with Francki, I was still left speechless seeing the collection in full. She raised the bar, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”

Closing out the show was Project Runway’s David Giampiccolo. David Giampiccolo had a lofty reputation coming into this showcase which required his very best efforts, and David rose to the challenge in exemplary fashion. David Giampiccolo’s ever-present series of themes wowed the audience, featuring a French-inspired elegant take on streetwear. The collection, titled “ORGANIC” boasted avant-garde details and awe-inspiring examples of light reflection.

Overall, it was an event not to be missed. New York is a one of a kind town, and New York Fashion Week is also a one of a kind event, and the fact that smaller shows are rising to prominence is exactly what the fashion industry needs. You owe it to yourself to seek out the next Street Fashion Week showcase, you will not regret it, and you will for sure see something entirely new and unique.

Images via The Look of LA

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