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More Snow on the Way?


With Spring right around the corner, New Yorkers are not going to feel that so soon as a winter weather advisory has been set in place with some areas receiving up to five inches. The advisory begins on Thursday night at 10 P.M. to Friday at 2 P.M. according to the National Weather Service.

The advisory has been put into place in all five boroughs, and also Long Island, the Lower Hudson Valley, North New Jersey, and also southern Connecticut. It won’t be a pretty site if it does happen as rain is expected to be in the mix. Rain will start it off changing to snow early on Friday morning. It will certainly feel like Winter as temperatures are to drop to freezing levels.

Commuters have already been warned, and travel is expected to be slow as many flights could be delayed or canceled. The visibility could be as bad as 1/2 mile. With ten days out from Spring, it will certainly be a downer to many New Yorkers but also some good news to climate experts as a year ago on March 10th a record was broken when it was 79 degrees out, going to show how warm our planet has been getting.

For many, this will be no sign of Summer, but to many, it will be one last storm before Spring settles on in into NYC. It could also be the end of the brutally cold temperatures we received this year. Although the storm will hit into Friday, the weekend looks to be pretty clear as temperatures will be in the 30’s. A second storm was predicted to hit the NYC area but is still unclear for now, with rain and snow being a possibility on Tuesday. Stay warm New Yorkers!

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