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New York City Beaches To Have Free Sunscreen This Summer


Despite the widely recognized stereotype that a large portion of New York residents spend the majority of their year confined to their tiny windowless offices and constricted apartments, most tend to emerge in the summer months to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm temperatures. As a result of such, a popular destination to enjoy the weather is none other than the city’s—considerably overpopulated—beaches.

However, despite even the best efforts of the most cautious New Yorker, due to the limited sun exposure we have during the large part of the rest of the year, burning seems inevitable. Thus, independent of the preemptive sunscreen application, many New Yorkers end up pretty burnt as a result of their beach excursions—especially at the start of the beach season.

In an effort to resolve, or at least to reduce, this problem, the New York City Parks Department plans to install about one hundred free sunscreen dispensers throughout city beaches this summer.

As initially reported by Gothamist, a thousand liters of SPF-30 water-resistant sunscreen will be dispensed in beaches throughout the five boroughs as part of this initiative of the Parks Department this summer. The program is mainly focused on an active attempt to combat skin cancer, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identifies as the most common cancer in the US. To prevent such, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also encourages that people wear SPF 15 or higher only a regular basis, particularly when they know they will be exposed to the sun extensively.

The pilot program designed by the Parks Department is sponsored by both the non-profit IMPACT Melanoma and the skin cancer prevention company Bright Guard.

Besides merely providing aid in the fight against skin cancer, New York City comptroller Scott M. Stringer, who initially proposed the program last year, harbors hope that it will also be a manner to facilitate lower-income residents having access to sunscreen. Through this, money no longer becomes as decisive of a factor in one’s risk for skin cancer. “Given that three ounces of sunscreen — just enough for one person’s day at the beach—can cost as much as $13.99, free sunscreen will help all New Yorkers keep more of their hard-earned cash for other priorities,” he declared in the program’s proposal.

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