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New York Mayor Daughter Arrested For George Floyd Death’s Peaceful Protest

George floyd protest

Daughter of New York Mayor Blasio, Chiara, was arrested on Saturday as she participated in the streets peaceful protests on the death of George Floyd. It was an unlawful gathering on the streets for which she was arrested and later released according to the police sources.

While in response to her presence in the protest, she confirmed a peaceful assembly that turns to become violent by burning activities by Sunday evening.
Blasio addressed to a conference on Monday in which he said that his daughter was abundantly clear about her peaceful protests, which had nothing to do in developing any negative response to the society.
Before also mentioned that he was aware of her participation in peaceful protests on a few earlier assembly, she believes in peaceful protests.

People who were peacefully protesting against the enforcement of the law on the death of unarmed black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis. The peaceful protest is being carried out in different cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The clashes are not new between the police and protesters, but it was when the country is suffering from unemployment. Almost all the protesters in the peaceful assembly are barred on the offense of coming down to the street as an unlawful assembly.

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Sixth-Day protest all over the country

New York Mayor daughter’s participation in peaceful protest has turned to become intense on the sixth day all over the USA in different major cities. His family members demanded an autopsy, and the report showed that the death was due to asphyxia due to no oxygen. George Floyd suffered to death from cardiopulmonary arrest. It was seen that the police forces were attacked when cars are burned, slowly the unlawful protest turned to intensify into violence.

America had not seen the fight or hatred for a long time, which has reoccurred after the death of this Black-man. He was continuously urging about not able to breathe after the policeman kneeling on his neck. Floyd insisted on leaving him, but that did not matter to the white police officer unless he died.
Blasio, New York Mayor, has also raised his concern about the present incident that took place due to racism, causing insecurity in their lives. He said, “Black Community every day is pervaded by racism”.

New York has also been furious in recent times, but it is due to the death of this Black-man the different parts of the USA are on the streets.

Trump requested City Mayors including New York Mayor  to deploy National Guard

As the situation started to burn, President Trump has given an imperil statement to send military forces to bring the situations under control if the states are not able to control the protests in their areas. He also has recommended deploying National Guards to control the protests. To major cities in which the New York Mayor has to look into controlling the situation.

Last such anger was seen in the year 1968, which has reappeared in 2020. This disaster comes immediately after the re-opening of the economy. The country suffers the economic decline that has taken away the jobs of several Americans. George Floyd worked as a bouncer who lost his job in the COVID-19 pandemic.
He was detained by the white American police officer after receiving a fake bill complaint against this Black-man. Floyd bought packets of cigarettes from a shop and produced a fake bill of $20, as stated by the shopkeeper.
Finally, the shopkeeper took the matter to the police office, Derek Chauvin, after which Floyd was detained, and he suffocated till death because of the pressure on the neck.

The New York Mayor stated about the injustices that his community people see for years. To realize the situation of the citizens on, he walked down the city on Sunday, accompanied by the members of the council.

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