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Coronavirus cases: Strikes Elderly Couple Of 60s, Death Toll In China Reaches 2000

Delta Airlines

An elderly couple in their ’60s who had spent their holidays from January 28th to 7th February were diagnosed with coronavirus. The couples were hospitalized after they landed in Nagoya, Japan.  After testing both they were declared to be attacked by a coronavirus. The man was diagnosed with the virus attack earlier to his wife while returning to Nagoya in Delta flight 611.

The couples traveled to Honolulu from Hawaii and then returned to the homeland, Nagoya, after visiting Honolulu on 6th February 2020. The health officials, along with the airline officials, together are working to find out the travelers who were in contact with the old couples. The officials have been reaching the passengers who were traveling if any further coronavirus cases are found.

According to the State epidemiologist, Dr. Sarah Park said that the man was affected by the virus about five days after he reached to his homeland. This indicates that he might have been affected during his journey in the flight or he was in Japan. The period related to the development of the virus indicates the virus incubation period.

Coronavirus Death Toll reaches 2000

The death toll due to the attack of the novel coronavirus has risen to 2000 in China and about more than 75,000 people are infected. Most cases are in mainland China and approx 1000 of coronavirus cases and attacks are of outside mainland China. Epidemic has also affected the passengers of Diamond Princess in Japan, in which about 624 cases of positive tested. The ship has been confirmed as the case of a virus attack.

Due to the coronavirus cases on a ship, the company has been bound to changes its route from Shanghai to Australia. This has led the company to withdraw trips or voyage. It is one of the largest cruises in the world that has 20 ships but now had to cancel the sails of the ship that has already led to the 16 % fall of the finance that will cause a harsh effect on the finance of the country.

Epidemic rise to hamper finance of Hong Kong

About 3000 people are affected by the epidemic. The crew members in the ship are being requested to serve the passengers, who are from different parts of the world. Besides, the US centers have announced their new travel advisory for Hong Kong. This is due to the sudden damages caused to human life and affected by any coronavirus cases.

The advisory included suggestion to keep a safe distance and avoid any kind of contact with infected people. Travelers or foreigners who are in Hong Kong for more than two weeks are advised to see a doctor, if they are feeling sick, or they are having any kind of respiratory problems. However, the travelers are not restricted or stopped from traveling to Hong Kong.

To date, Japan has 66 affected coronavirus cases and one dead, while Hawaii officials indicate of nil cases of attacks. One person from Illinois who returned from Wuhan, has transferred the virus to her husband.

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