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Seven Miles With No Traffic, a Pedestrian’s Dream


It’s almost impossible to imagine New York City with no traffic. The hustle and bustle of the city leave thousands irritated with the endless traffic that hits the streets every day. Bikers loop their way around cars, while runners or pedestrians also manage to squeeze in between cars to get to where they need to go. Now, the impossible is possible for the ninth summer, as ‘Summer Streets’ kicks off once again where New Yorker’s can walk and bike for seven miles with no traffic. Yes, no traffic whatsoever.

The Summer Streets has now been a tradition over the summer in New York City as a way to enjoy the city without the chaotic madness of it. Bikers and walkers can run or bike or walk along Park Avenue to Lafayette Street, which is pretty much Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park.

The traffic free road is open from 7 A.M. to 1 P.M. and is a seven-mile stretch. If one can’t make it out to this Saturday, no worries! As the event will be going on for two more Saturdays, the 14th and the 21st as part of it’s program.

The program has been a hit every year with people coming from all over to participate in the free for all. For the first time, it is being sponsored by Citi, the same company that runs Citibike. There will be live music, food, games and activities, and even a walking tour. Activities include a waterslide and a zip line.

Dogs are welcome to participate in Summer Streets as there are several stops in the walk, and one of them is at Astor Place, in which there is a dog park. It is one of the many stops along the way. Other stops are Foley Square, Soho, Midtown, and Uptown, up to Central Park.

Many are expected to attend the event just like in the past years and is expected to bring in a crowd from all over. As New Yorker’s many see it as a ‘fortunate’ experience, in a city that is known for some of the busiest streets in the world, to have just a few hours with no honking or screaming.

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