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Coronavirus In New York City Positive Cases Doubles In One Day To 1871

Coronavirus in New York

Coronavirus in New York City cases has suddenly shown a rise of 1871 confirmed cases that have doubled in just one day. Mayor De Blasio has confirmed the 11th death that has occurred due to respiratory illness. Doubling in the numbers of positive cases has shown a rapid increase, which is a warning to the difficulty in controlling the epidemic in New York.

Finally, the mayor has passed the order for its public to stay at home except for emergencies and food. This guidance has already been provided to the people of San Francisco. As Blasio said that, he is not in favor of isolation, but they are left with no options to reduce the density. The reduction in density will reduce the spreading of the diseases in volumes.

He also said that he believes the “Shelter-in-place” term is a little deceptive. It seems like you are imprisoned at home, but it is not the fact. As the present condition of coronavirus in New York is revealing a miserable situation in New York, the Governor has announced for 1000 beds for New York City. This is for the assistance of the nonviral cases of Covid 19 that are transported by the US Navy hospital ship.

The limit and movement of the people working in the business or workplace areas will reduce the gathering. Still, it will submerge into a major crisis for the economy not only for New York but Globally.

Coronavirus in New York has led to the shutting of shops, businesses, and the limited take-off of airplanes. The business includes the closing of restaurants, movie theatres, public commutes like trains and buses. This led to vacant places and a hit to the financial crisis. Related to the financial crisis, Cuomo said that there would be a crisis but let deal with one crisis at a time.

8.5 Million Residents Ordered to stay at home as an increase in Coronavirus in New York.

Altogether five boroughs have been restricted with the movements of the population due to the pandemic of coronavirus in New York; a population of 8.5 million have been limited to stay indoors unless any emergencies related to medicine, food. China has finally been able to overcome the health crisis, as no positive cases of coronavirus have evolved. This was possible after the citizens of China were quarantined, about hundreds and millions of people were restricted to stay at home and avoid any kind of traveling.  

The first case of coronavirus was detected as pneumonia on 31 December, it was in Wuhan China, which later turned into a major epidemic disease by the start of the year 2020. The country is not yet away from the danger, but still, a consolation to the actions taken to resist the disease has shown some positive influence.

A similar effort has been tried by the US Government to reduce the coronavirus in New York, but still, according to US study, it will take 18 months to overcome the pandemic, as of now cured will lead to some other illness. As now, the cases have increased to 40 percent or more and no graphs of slowing down in the last two months from the first case of coronavirus in the US.

Coronavirus in New York shows the maximum increased cases, while investigations suggest an evolution center of coronavirus in Brooklyn. It is after the New Rochelle area, which is under containment now it is the Hasidic Section of Borough Park. Other parts that are closed are New Jersey. Pennsylvania and Connecticut are also taking the initiative to shut down the public gathering areas to fight the pandemic faster.

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