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New York Coronavirus Outbreak: Two Cases Of Death, US Restricts To Domestic Travels

New york coronavirus outbreak

New York coronavirus outbreak led to severe respiratory complications to an 82-year-old woman who was hospitalized last week. He was announced to die of coronavirus infections. Her death was announced on 14th March 2020, Saturday, that occurred the day before on Friday. Till today about two deaths have been confirmed due to the Pandemic coronavirus outbreak.

The second case of death has already been stated about a 65-year-old man. He was from Rockland County. He was in isolation and stayed at home from March 7th until his death. Detection of Covid 19 was positive when he was examined on 14th March this Saturday. As on press release, it was also mentioned that he had some other health problems that led to his death.

New York faces that worst pandemic situation due to the coronavirus outbreak has 525 positive cases. The sudden rise of cases has been realized from Friday, till the latest update, 117 patients have been hospitalized for the treatment and recovery of the disease.

Coronavirus Outbreak Attacks FDNY Fire Marshal John Knox

Among 117 positive cases in New York coronavirus outbreak hospitalized cases, John Knox retired firefighter 84 years of age is one of them. He was under medication for the last one month for flu but did not show any better results. On Saturday, Knox was admitted to the South Nassau Medical Center as he was tested positive to coronavirus.
No-one of his family members could clarify his contamination to Covid-19, as he did not travel outside his boroughs for almost five years. One of the brave firefighters who was appointed as the FDNY fire marshal, he investigated the terror bombings that were committed by the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional. He was also in the bombing of Fraunces Tavern in 1975, about 40 were injured, and four were killed in the terror incident. John Knox was investigating and reviewing two major cases until he had fallen sick due to coronavirus outbreak, as stated by his friend Peter Gleason.

The fighter already has less response to lung function from breathing in during a chronic pulmonary disease. The World Health Organization has informed about antiviral medication. The composition was used for the Ebola Virus to be used for the New York coronavirus outbreak. This composition of medicine was also used for coronavirus treatment in China.
It was on Saturday, he was suffering from renal failure, and so he will be treated with the HIV drug that will not affect his Kidneys.
Governor Cuomo said that new cases had been detected with emergency testing. About 700 test has been carried out, and 158 cases have been confirmed in Westchester County. Cuomo has also mentioned about the containment area in New Rochelle.

Special provision for the containment area By Drive-thru testing
National Guards has been appointed to arrange food; testing is carried out at their residents; they do not need to move to the health or test center. Mass gatherings are banned, schools and universities are closed in the areas of New Rochelle. The coronavirus outbreak has affected the major part of Westchester County, later followed by New Rochelle. It is the outskirts area of New York. Shops are ordered to remain open but should not sort in any gatherings to avoid the spreading of the disease.

New York Coronavirus Outbreak Leads to Restrict Domestic travels

After the severity of the US and New York coronavirus outbreak, Trump has announced on Saturday that he is considering to put 30 days ban of domestic travels to most of the European countries. The US had confirmed about 2000 cases of coronavirus and 50 deaths, two in New York. About 49 stated had been suffering from the infection, including Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.

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