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Mayor of New York Seeks Help as Death Toll Increases to 1550


The Mayor of New York seeks help from the President of the US after the number of patients has been increasing drammatically. The total increase of infected people raised to 75000, and the death toll has risen to 1550.

Mayor has been asking help and support for the healthcare services. The shortage of equipment and other essential amenities has put the healthcare workers into trouble. Sanitizers, masks, and hand gloves were almost to a limit.

But now the situation has worsenened as patients are increasing, and the hospitals of New York are unable to fight against the disease any longer. This time they lack to provide treatment to the patients of coronavirus infected person. New York has turned to become the epicenter of the disease and slow the rate of infected people are crossing among the three states. Patients are brought into the hospitals on severe conditions, and it is becoming difficult to provide them the necessary treatment.

About 500 paramedics, 2000 nurses, 250 ambulances, and emergency medical technicians are already moving to provide support against the major coronavirus outbreak stated by the Mayor of New York, Blasio. The health care system will provide significant relief when the hospitals are deprived of treatments due to a lack of medical teams and equipment.

Patients are older, suffering from coronavirus

Old New Yorkers and children are mostly infected because of the disease. Mostly the age groups suffering from the disease are above 60 years. In one ventilator, two patients are provided life support despite the provision; the rise of the infectious disease is not laying any kind of relief to hospitals. The Mayor of New York has been urging Ekhon Musk to manufacture ventilators as looking into the increase of hospitalized positive cases.

The mayor of New York

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The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, Queens, has been converted to an emergency ward for the virus-infected person to provide support to the overcrowded Elmhurst Hospital. Mayor of New York also said that 350 hospital beds had been arranged for the New Yorkers. A medical reinforcement of 135 additional ambulances and 270 paramedics has already arrived. The support has been asked due to the elevating positive cases alongside an increase in hospitalization.

The death toll has crossed over 1100, and according to the President of the US, the upcoming two weeks are going to turn to become the most painful time in American history. He said the country would see thousands of death in the next two weeks. About 20 percent of the New York coronavirus outbreak needs hospitalization. 5th April is considered as the critical date with more increase of the disease date.

Mayor of New York Blasio has informed about closing playgrounds

The upcoming weeks are predicted to see tough days, and so about ten playgrounds of New York will be arranged for the patients for quarantine. The mayor of New York has requested White House to provide support of 350 respiratory therapists, 1000 nurses and 150 doctors that are reserved and from the military. On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo said that the death toll on one day was 332, in New York, and the total coronavirus death stands to 1550. Cuomo’s younger brother has been detected coronavirus positive suffering from shortness of breath and fever.

The disease has struck the family of the governor due to his brother’s exposure to his family. He also said that his mother might be also be exposed to the virus. His brother will be quarantined and will be staying in the basement for the next two weeks. On the other hand, the mayor of New York has requested 1000 ventilators to support the crucial need of the infected New Yorkers.

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