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New York Coronavirus Update: Do Not Require Quarantine Says Trump

New York trump on coronavirus deaths

Three states of the US have been lockdown for the serious effect of coronavirus. Trump in New York coronavirus update stated that Quarantining of the state isn’t necessary. Three states of the US are Connecticut and New Jersey that are locked down to delay the rise of the viral disease Covid-19. The decision was taken by the president but was recommended by the White House coronavirus task force. In his early decision, Trump wanted to quarantine the three states as the intensity of the infection is higher in these states.
Cuomo, the governor of New York, has described the decision of the president is absurd. Later, CDC has requested the New Yorkers to be isolated for 14 days while they are traveling. They are also advised to refrain from non-essential travel as it is imposed for all the three states. The locked-down areas are sufficient enough with all the requirements ranging from food to healthcare services. People will not require to travel for any important necessity, so to some extent quarantining will not be necessary.
The travel advisory has suggested staying home quarantined for 14 days as requested by the president that does not add to critical infrastructures.

New York coronavirus update Trump seeks appreciation from governors
While addressing his citizens and the governors of the states, Trump said that the governors should appreciate the decision taken by the White House. According to him, the governors who are not supporting the decision to withdraw the quarantining of the states are insulting the important organization who participated as a federal during the pandemic.

Trump has praised the two governors of New York and California who have appreciated the decision. The president has pointed two governors of Washington, Inslee, and Gretchen Whitman of Michigan. The foothold of the Covid-19 was in Washington. According to the New York coronavirus update, the New Yorkers are moving to Florida, which is a reason for concern for the American government.

Trump appreciated the course of action taken by the government to control the epidemic in Washington. He explains the pandemic handled is satisfactory; Trump also recognizes the excellent commitment of the administration even after the scarcity of test kits and health care supplies.

Pelosi accuses Trump On denial of help
New York coronavirus update mentions the number of cases is increasing, and almost half of the US cases are from New York. MS. Pelosi, a California Democrat, has accused the president about his denial at the early stages of coronavirus widespread has been deadly. While speaking to also said that prevention is the only key to saving lives. The governor of New York mentioned the imminent crisis that the state will face within a week. The crisis is related to the health care services that are due to Covid-19, already the hospitals are running out of necessary equipment and other supplies.

Nancy Pelosiishas blamed President Trump regarding the major widespread of the coronavirus disease. As per the New York coronavirus update, several democratic governors had expressed their concerns about the crisis the states are going to hit with an increasing number of positive cases. The speaker points to the government of America to be irresponsible about the disease.

While the White House coronavirus task force has released the latest decision, the governor of New York explains it as an anti-American and preposterous. According to the New York coronavirus updates regarding the quarantine, Cuomo said it would oppose the lockdown.
Quarantine means no large gatherings and New Yorkers to stay at home, but in such cases, no support can be extended to lockdown. Cuomo also said addressing the press that the decision does not sound right.

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