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New York Coronavirus Cases: Schools Re-Open In April Learning continues Online

New York coronavirus cases stops school

New York coronavirus cases are increasing day by day that forced to a lockdown of the state. New York schools are closed from the earliest observing positive cases. Online studies are carried out to continue with the courses. Millions of students are adapting to online homeschooling through online classes. Mayor of New York City has shown a Kindle of light for the students, hoping to open the schools in April.

The Mayor said that he expects the schools to open on April 20. The schools are almost closed for that one month. On March 15, Mayor Basil had announced about the immediate closing of the school due to the uncontrollable situation of sudden spreading of coronavirus. A majority mentions the present situation to be highly challenging to reopen the school on the specified date. While the online classes through the internet have been helpful for the continuation of the courses, New York coronavirus cases have led to one death of a member who worked at the Brooklyn Democracy Academy, Brownsville.

The New York Coronavirus Cases Increase Top Educational Company Provides Free Programs 

Homeschooling has been possible through educational companies like Pearson, who are providing free programs and courses. Few students have taken the initiative to start studying with a guide of their class teacher, and it is possible through internet connectivity. Meanwhile, teachers are ready with directions, materials, and training to help their students. Studies are carried out through Skype as teachers who are prepared to train and teach their students through the elementary provided by the schools.
Training to teachers to teach
Pearson has programs arranged for the teachers who are trained to understand the method to deliver classes to their students. The educational platform has mobilized its programs to fill up the gap to some extent. Though it may not be practically possible for lab classes. But for theoretical knowledge, these internet courses stand satisfactory specifically in such a hard time of coronavirus widespread.

The education program will serve students from different parts of the world apart from New Yorkers. The New York coronavirus cases have led to lockdown but were unable to interrupt studies. Asia, Americans, Europe, and North America will be benefited from the online program during the worst time worldwide.

Chief executive of Pearson stated that due to the close of school due to the pandemic, the interest in online courses has increased to 400 percent. Slowly the demand for the online courses and classes is equally elevating.

2000 places arranged for online courses

New York coronavirus cases have triggered a downfall to 66 percent, on shares of Pearson due to the global crisis of coronavirus has spread. New York is now the epicenter of coronavirus that has increased to 26000, the highest recorded affected area. Looking into the present condition, the educational company has arranged 2000 additional places for academic studies online. A major part of the hard work was to convert textbooks to digital studies. Mostly for colleges or high school students, these digital platforms are provided based on the increase of students.


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The impact of the New York coronavirus cases is increasing day by day that forced to a lockdown of the state. Has affected 500 New York police officers and 4000 officers who are in quarantine. Governors of different states in the US have advised the traveling people from New York to self-quarantine for 14 days looking into the coronavirus outbreak. New York vehicles are stopped from entering other states or are put to 14 days quarantine.

The present situation does not allow New York to initiate a normal life, as the Mayor has already pointed about the indurated position of the New Yorkers. The lockdown has helped in controlling the multiplying of the virus, which will help in reducing the New York coronavirus cases in counts. The online study has created a history in the educational field.

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