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Coronavirus Deaths In New York Increase Lack of Medical Support

Coronavirus death and health care

Another sad day in US history as the coronavirus death in New York took to 500 in just one day. New York has turned to become the epicenter of COVID-19, with positive cases increasing in the US State.

Americans experience a second threat, which, on the other hand, has taken away thousands of lives. The total death in New York itself has risen to 3000, with hundreds of death in one day. COVID-19 virus has acted as a curse to humankind.

This pandemic is worst than the last human threat of the World Trade Center that took place on September 11th, 2001 attacks. Both attempts were to destroy the lives and economy of the country slowly as coronavirus death cases increases. The intensity of the second time, COVID -19, has set a significant impact on the World economy. Till now, both the attacks are comparable, but a continuation of life lost at the same rate will prove to be a major attack by a foreign element. During this time, it is a virus, not air flight. Hospitals are now lacking space, and the number of serious patients is increasing, which has brought White House in a thoughtful situation.

Looking into the severe effect of the downfall and shortage of Medical reinforcement

Basic the mayor of New York has asked for support from the White House. New York has suffered the maximum coronavirus death of the total in the US. Standing today on 04/04/2020 the death toll 3000 only in NY equals to the deaths on 9/11. However, this is not an end as coronavirus outbreak has spread, and new spaces are arranged for the patients for their treatment. No reduction in serious cases observed in the last few days.

This is an alarming situation as further chances of an increase of coronavirus death are expected though White House has provided NY with the backup of the Medical team, and few are on its way.

Coronavirus death in Ny

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Serious cases of people aged above 70 years are hospitalized, and so Blasio has urged for ventilators to be installed in hospitals for recovery of the elderly patients. Cuomo, in one of his interviews, stated about the hard time for him when they see the patients coming in severe condition, and he is in charge of the ship. Looking into the increase of patients, coronavirus death, and lack of medical support, Blasio has asked for 300 respiratory therapists, 100 nurses, and 150 more doctors.
Mayor has urged the President to initiate the supplies on an emergency basis, and the state is supposed to receive 3000 ventilators to speed up the treatment to recovery.

Increase in medical supplies of N95 masks and surgical masks to fight coronavirus death 

The federal authority seized total supplies of 192,000 N95 and about 130,000 surgical masks in Brooklyn. These will be supplied to the healthcare workers as for now they are running through coronavirus crisis.

The coronavirus death toll is soaring day by day, and Cuomo has been mentioning the upcoming medical crisis from about more than a week. Blasio has indicated about 2000 ventilators, and the NY state already has acquired 1780 ventilators from the private companies.

Healthcare workers treating COVID-19 terrified to go home

While interviewing Bianca Thompson, a nurse by profession, feels the terror of her work when she has to return home after taking care of the patients suffering from COVID-19. She has two kids at home, schools are closed, and her kids stay at home. Masks and other necessary amenities are slowly turning out of stock.
Thompson puts her protective equipment to keep herself and family safe, and she said while speaking to CBS2’s Kevin Rincon. The entire humanity is in danger due to the coronavirus death increase when New York faces the death threat for the second time. Health workers who are dedicated to coronavirus epidemic treatment are also in danger.

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