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Coronavirus Pandemic: Marie-Reine Jézéquel NY Habitat President Believes in “Serve the one who Serve”

coronavirus pandemic extend help NY habitat

The coronavirus pandemic has led to shutting off all kinds of non-essential businesses. A similar condition was of the NY habitat, so the president of the rental company decided to provide shelter to the healthcare workers. NY habitat provides services a short term rental company to the corporate clients and tourists. Marie Reine Jezequel, the president of the company, has helped the health workers by providing shelter nearer to the emergency centers or the hospitals.

Superb work is being carried out as 800 apartments; furnished are allotted to the health workers in the city of New York. Almost all the apartments are fully equipped with kitchens and other amenities. Nurses who are serving the patients suffering during the coronavirus pandemic now are worried about themselves and their families.

coronavirus epidemic

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Nurses who work in the hospitals serving COVID-19 are always frightened to go home; perhaps they carry the virus home.
Their kids are at home alone while they should not infect by returning to their families. The apartments are available in almost all the five major boroughs closeby the medical centers. Apartments are being allotted in reduced rates that will be possible for the nurses and healthcare workers to afford.

ICU exploding and nurses were dying

It was then when the patients were overcrowded, and hospitals were lacking space. About more than 200 healthcare workers had fallen sick in NYC hospitals. The coronavirus pandemic had put them in critical situations when they were facing the drawback of essential hospital equipment and protective masks and sanitizers.

Travel nurses requirement has increased with the explosion of the New York pandemic. About 3.8 million nurses are registered in the US medical lists, but the requirement of the shortages cannot be satisfactorily filled up. The employing firm of the medical staff is working hard to provide the necessary staff according to the hospital requirements.

It was before the coronavirus pandemic that the NYC hospitals were already lacking nursing staff as nurses were retiring. As the coronavirus disease impact was increasing rapidly, the nursing staff were requested to join back to the hospitals to provide the medical backup to the hospitals. The major outbreak and affected areas are in New York, Washington, and California.
The requirement of medical staff in these areas of the US is increasing, and so the arrangement of the shelter and accommodation of the nurses will no doubt ensure immediate and better services to the hospitals.

72 percent are exposed to COVID-19 the coronavirus pandemic

Few nurses who have been serving the patients of COVID-19 are now positive. According to the survey of the New York State Nurses Association, April 1, about 208 nurses have been tested positive. This is due to the insufficient supply of medical supplies for the nurses. About 72 percent of the nurses are now infected with the coronavirus.

Coronavirus pandemic has led to 64 percent of the insufficient supply of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. The shortage of PPE has forced the nurses to protest against the inadequate supplies which were carried out at the Mount Sinai’s flagship hospital at Harlem hospital and Jacobi hospital.

The present situation of the coronavirus pandemic has put the healthcare worker, nurses, and doctors’ life in danger, and the risk factor is simultaneously increasing with the lack of PPE. The chances of the nurses to get infected are discouraging to go home to their family. Apart from it, the reduced strength of the staff and nurses on emergencies can be managed if they are accommodated to nearby areas of the hospitals until t limited extent.

Jezequel stated that she believes in the 9/11 mantra: “serve the one who serves”; she also stated that helping the first responders she is helping her employees and herself. It was not an easy task for her to connect with the first responders in the beginning. She posted about the proposal on social media, then to FEMA of NY. As the coronavirus pandemic is increasing a little support to each other can make a huge difference for New Yorkers.

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