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Surprising Reasons to Visit Buffalo NY


Buffalo is a city full of surprises, but before you make your way over to one of the best cities in New York, here are some facts about Buffalo and its surroundings. Buffalo offers a lot more to its people and visitors than a place where snowstorms congregate every winter. If you want a taste of a city full of culture, art, architecture, and delicious food, this is the place to go.

Some Surprising Facts About Buffalo NY;

A Top 10 City

It has been voted as one of the top 10 cities in the US for urban sprawl. The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is always listed as one of the largest in America, and it has even been called the fastest-growing medical campus in the US! Along with this comes countless opportunities for employment, development, and many other benefits that attract people to live in Buffalo.

Home to 200 Parks

The city is home to almost 200 parks. If you love spending time out in nature and enjoying the breeze, Buffalo is the place to go. There are so many parks around this city that you can never run out of options!

Educational Opportunities

It’s one of the few cities that offer such a huge amount of educational opportunities. Ranging from public schools to colleges and universities, there is no limit to the opportunities you can get in Buffalo.

The Impeccable Architecture

The architecture is so well done here, it’s no wonder they say that the city has one of the best skylines around! From Art Deco buildings to more modern skyscrapers, Buffalo offers some of the best architecture in America.

Art Gallery

It’s also home to the famous Albright-Knox Art Gallery. If you’re into art, this gallery is definitely a place to check out!

Lake Effect

You can enjoy the lake effect all year round because of how close it is to Lake Erie. Even during wintertime, you can go skating or skiing at one of the many frozen lakes around Buffalo.

Niagara River Runs Through the City

The Niagara River runs right through the center of this city, and it’s only a short distance from Canada. This makes for an interesting addition to the city and it attracts many visitors!

Life and Culture

The downtown area is full of life and culture all throughout the year thanks to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. More than 40 million people visit this part of Buffalo every year, which makes it one of the best places to go!

Enjoy All Seasons

You can also enjoy all four seasons because of the unique location Buffalo is in. With an average temperature of 47 degrees Fahrenheit during winter, you can definitely enjoy some snow activities here too!

Erie Canal

The Erie Canal was built here. If you love history, then this is one cool fact to remember about Buffalo because of all the amazing things it has to offer!

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