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NYCs Best 10 Road Trips for 2022


NY is a popular destination for the best road trips on earth! This is because not only is it home to one of the world’s most famous rent-a-car businesses, NYC also has some of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation. Everyone who wants to see New York without having to deal with renting a car or taking public transportation already knows about these amazing road trips!

1. Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia | Image Source – Flickr

97 miles away from NY, this is a quick, easy ride that is well known for the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. With interesting street art, world-renowned restaurants, and some of the best history in the nation, Philadelphia is a must-see when you’re in New York!


2. San Diego CA

Sunset Cliff, San Diego| Image Source – Flickr

1,049 miles from NYC, San Diego is the perfect place to spend a week or two relaxing by the beach or going out at night. The city itself isn’t as well known as Los Angeles but its beaches and outdoor activities make it a great choice for amazing road trips from NY!

3. Lake George NY

Lake Georgia | Image Source – Flickr

278 miles away from New York City is Lake George. Many people think of this as a summer destination but you’d be surprised to find out how different it is in the winter! It’s an easy day trip from NYC and it’s always fun to go ice skating on the lake. Plus there are some great ski resorts nearby!

4. Charleston SC

Charleston SC | Image Source – Flickr

749 miles from NYC is Charleston, SC. A beautiful mix of modern and historical architecture, this city can be a little on the pricier side but it’s worth the trip. It’s known for incredible seafood and some of the best southern charm around. Don’t miss it!

5. Key West FL

Road to Key West | Image Source – Flickr

1695 miles away from New York City is Key West. A popular destination for many people looking to escape the cold weather in February (NYC experiences an average high of 39 degrees Fahrenheit) or March (average high: 52 degrees), Key West has some amazing beaches and good food as well. The most popular attraction here is Mallory Square where you can watch the sunset every day-perfect for road trips!

6. Honolulu HI

Honolulu | Image Source – Flickr

2,386 miles away from New York is Honolulu. Big waves, beautiful weather, and incredible beaches make this the perfect place to get away for a couple of weeks. There are also some amazing hikes on Oahu that are just waiting to be discovered by adventurous road trippers looking to escape the cold in NYC!

7. Bermuda Triangle, FL

Road to Bermuda | Image Source – Flickr

3275 miles away from NY is the Bermuda triangle. This boat graveyard has many stories of people who went missing in it but it’s very peaceful in the water if you go at the right time! It’s worth checking out when you’re in New York City for your next vacation…

8. Berkshire MA

Berkshire Mountains | Image Source – Flickr

3675 miles away from NYC is Berkshire Mountains. Don’t let the name fool you-the mountains are beautiful! This is one of the best road trips for road trippers who’d like to get in some hiking and skiing before heading back to the city for their next job. There are also some really interesting museums here so try to check them out while you’re at it!

9. Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor Maine | Image Source – Youtube

4312 miles away from New York City is Bar Harbor, ME. Many people stay in this area when they’re visiting Acadia National Park but there are many other things to do here as well! The town has many beautifully preserved buildings that were built during its “tourist boom” of the 19th century which makes it unique among cities in New York. Nervous about traveling so far? Don’t be! This is a truly magical place for road trips and you’ll want to add it to your next travel list!

10. Jackson Hole WY

Jackson Hole | Image Source – Pinterest

4538 miles away from New York City is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is one of the best road trips you’ll ever try. You can see many of the iconic sites here that you’d also find in Yellowstone-lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests that stretch on as far as the eye can see. There are lots of ways to enjoy yourself here: skiing, rafting, hiking…the list goes on and on! And if you get tired of all this nature stuff don’t worry there’s also some amazing nightlife around here too!

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