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10 Best Hiking Trails in New York


Hiking is an amazing way to spend your time by staying healthy and close to nature at once. Moreover, hiking is a great way to let your mind and body relax and to get rid of all the stress you have accumulated throughout the day. New York is a state which has a unique landscape and it also offers several opportunities related to hiking. Within this article, we will present you with the 10 best hiking trails in New York.

With its breathtaking views, New York is perfect for hiking enthusiasts is often its natural settings. If you are looking for great hiking trails in New York, here is a list of the 10 best ones that every fun-loving hiker should visit.

10 Best Hiking Trails in New York

1 . Mohawk-Hudson Bike/Hike Trail

Mohawk-Hudson Trail | Image Source – Flickr

Distance: 22 miles (33 km)

The Mohawk-Hudson Bike/Hike Trail is one of the best hiking trails in New York as it goes along the beautiful Mohawk River and Hudson River. This trail provides an opportunity to see Albany, Schenectady, Troy, and many other interesting places.

2 . North County Trailway

North County Trailway | Image Source – Flickr

Distance: 22 miles (35 km)

Another great hiking trail in New York is the North County Trailway which stretches from East Putnam to Yonkers. This is a former railroad track that offers amazing views of the surrounding landscape along with many opportunities for picnics and camping.

3 . Long Island Greenbelt

Long Island Greenbelt | Image Source – Youtube

Distance: 478 miles (764 km)

The Long Island Greenbelt is one of the most popular nature trails in New York and it consists of several smaller ones such as Bay Park, Black Pond, and Poppycock. Within this massive network of trails, you will find several ponds and wetlands, fishing spots, and bird watching locations while enjoying your hike on these green paths.

4 . Finger Lakes Trail System

Finger Lakes Trail System | Image Source – Finger Lakes Images

Distance: 817 miles (1,326 km)

The Finger Lakes Trail System is the most popular hiking trail in New York as it offers plenty of opportunities to discover all the breathtaking views this incredible state has to offer. The 10 longest trails include North Country, South Country, and Lighthouse which are perfect for long hiking trips lasting several days.

5 . Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor

Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor | Image Source – Flickr

Distance: 524 miles (841 km)

Another great network of trails that you need to visit while staying in New York is the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor. This amazing system of trails leads through some gorgeous sites such as Syracuse, Utica, Palmyra, and many other small towns located along the Erie Canalway. You will also see some impressive engineering feats of this water transportation corridor which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

6. Batavia Kill Wildlife Management Area Trails System

Batavia Hiking Trail | Image Source – Flickr

Distance: 18 miles (29 km)

This wonderful network of trails is located near Clinton County and it stretches over 18 miles along with Batavia which is known as one of the most diverse habitats in New York. As this is a wildlife management area, you will be able to discover wildlife such as deer, turkey, and wild ducks among others.

7 . Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Appalachian Trail | Image Source – Flickr

Distance: 2,185 miles (3,518 km)

Stretching over 14 states for more than 2 thousand miles, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail is one of the best hiking trails in New York. Within its extremely long distance, there are several spectacular views that hikers can admire along with a few opportunities that include camping or fishing. You will also see many interesting forest species while relaxing on these green paths during your hike.

8. Malouf’s Mountain Sunset Camp

Malouf’s Mountain Sunset Campground

Distance: 4.38 km

There are many places that are interesting to explore as you wouldn’t normally see during your regular lives. A good example of such locales is the “Bavarian Forest” where there are many trails and places to visit. You can find these treasures by going on a hike in the forest, taking a ride on the Metro-North towards Beacon and then walking into the forest. The great thing is that you don’t need any equipment at all because they have it at base camp and they even give out food which has been cooked in advance so you don’t need to do anything! From base camp, you can go through different trails, which may be unique like old railway tracks or ruins from a casino.

Distance: 4.38 km

9.  Stairway to Heaven Trail

Distance: 2.60 Miles

Stairway to Heaven

A beautiful mountainous hiking experience awaits you at Stairway to heaven where you can get everything you want and more on a trail. Whether it’s a morning jog or even a hike, either way, the walk here is worthwhile since the weather is so pleasant. It takes about 50 miles outside the city to get here but it’s definitely worth the trip. And do not forget to take out your camera so you can capture this part of your journey! Why stop there? A game of catch, an afternoon picnic, and even a good book could make for another great trip with friends, family, or even significant other. And if you’re itching for some fun nearby why not check out these activities?

10. Bull Hill (Mt. Taurus)

Distance: 8.7 km

The Bull Hill Trail

This designed hiking trail features a rocky climb and spectacular views of the Hudson Valley. The magnificent panoramas make it worth the 1.35-mile trek up 1,350 feet. There are fewer people who venture this way than once popular Breakneck Ridge that’s within sight of Bull Hill’s rocky summit, which makes for a less crowded hike for you. As an option, you can take what is known as the “stony” loop at Little Stony Point across Route 9D just down from Bull Hill and return to Cold Spring where there are many restaurants to choose from nearby – making a great way to enjoy a day of hiking with friends and family!


Now that you know the best hiking trails in New York, you will be able to discover some magnificent sights while relaxing on these paths during your hikes. You will have the opportunity to visit several locations such as lakes and waterfalls along with something spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

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