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Aspire: A Creative Revolution Based in NYC


New York City is known by many as the greatest city in the world; be it for the food, the sights, the shopping, the business opportunities, the fashion, and just about anything else you can think of, but it will soon be known as something more: a creative mecca. In February, an event kicks off its inaugural, and first of many, exhibitions and that event is called the Aspire Festival.

ASP FEST, put together by iConcept Media, takes place from February 23rd to the 26th 2017 and seeks to highlight the standout creative achievements and empower aspiring minds from across the globe. The Aspire Series is an event that will give standout and emerging creative talent the opportunity to thrive through exposure to thousands of people and also allows the audience to become more intimate with talent via chances to showcase their personality as well as their work. Aspire assures us that by bringing together the best minds the world has to offer and giving them a platform, both the audience, as well as the invited guests, will benefit and walk away with something invaluable.

Over the course of Aspire, 25 to 50 talents will exhibit their passion and their work. Aspire says this will range from fine art to performing arts, fashion, talks, film, cooking and technology. Each day will be broken up into 3 sections, a breakfast event, a lunch event and a dinner event. During each 19 minute segment, 3 different aspiring creators will give intimate, intellectual conversations and performances, and all featured creators will be interviewed on stage by our host. On each day, entertainment will consist of film screenings, art exhibitions, intellectual conversations, inspirational speeches and parties.

We are very excited to see what Aspire brings to New York City, from what we have seen, they have quite the event in store. After this inaugural event, Aspire also has plans in place to present at Art Basel Miami Beach, another art mecca where the greatest minds in the world congregate. Art Basel Miami Beach is already a great place to experience art and culture, and we are sure Aspire’s presence there will only make it even better.

Editor’s Note: New York Rush, iConcept Media and Aspire are all owned by the same parent company, but are operated as separate entities.

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