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Lil Nas X Says He is Jealous of Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

Lil Nas X lost his Grammy to Bad Guy hitmaker, Billie Eilish. The 19-year-old took to the stage in 2020 to accept the gong for record of the year. At that time, Lil Nas X was also nominated, for his megahit Old Town Road.

The ‘Old Town Road’ singer recalled his jealousy towards Billie Eilish after he lost out on a Grammy. However, Lil Nas  ( real name being Montero Hill) won best pop duo/group performance and best music video. He was still unhappy that baffled he did not win for best record.

Montero Hill, told British GQ Style that when Billie, 19, accepted her award he thought: ‘Damn, but how? I have the biggest song. That is not fair.’

Jealousy ‘Was Not Warranted’

Furthemore, he explained that his jealousy “was not warranted’. He noticed there was room for them all at the top.

“I put all that energy I was feeling onto her. It became jealousy that was not warranted: you have the longest-running No1 song, why the f**k are you jealous about this award? We are already so blessed. ‘Even if you do not have these things, you are here. You are still alive. You exist. You should not have any reason to be jealous,” Montero Hill explained.

Moreover so, Lil X opened up in the chat about the controversy he sparked with his music video for the song Montero (Call Me By Your Name) in March.

It featured the musician sliding down a pole into hell before giving the devil a lap dance. The star rocks the Knight look in the latest GQ.

He explained: ‘At first I felt a sense of responsibility. But now I kind of just do not care. It is not my job. Of course, I want to spread good ideas, but I am not nobody’s parents.”

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