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Shanna Moakler Removes Travis Barker Tattoo

Travis, Kourt and Shanna

Former Miss USA, Shanna Moakler bids goodbye to her Travis Barker tattoo on shared the message via her social media handles. Shanna, 46, removes her ex-husbands’ name lasered off her wrist. She removed it in Los Angeles with a skincare expert, Nurse Jamie.

Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker is now dating Kourtney Kardashian and seems happy. However, Shanna seems disappointed by this.

“It’s my ex’s name. Do not tattoo names on your body, kids,” Shanna Moakler says in the clip.

Furthermore, Shanna got rid of her regretful piece after receiving several lidocaine injections before putting her arm underneath a Lumenis PiQo4 machine.

“If the Ironman and the Flash had a baby that did tattoo removal in a picosecond, which is one-trillionth of a second … that is, superfast … they would name it the PiQo4,” Nurse Jamie tells PEOPLE of the procedure.

In addition to that, Shanna Moakler noted that the process of burning off the design with a laser is intense but ‘it is worth it’.

“Bye bye, tattoo. I think we will probably only need one more session on this tattoo, and I think I’ll be good,” she stated

Travis Barker’s Tattoo

Actually, Travis Barker, 45, got a new tattoo dedicated to Kourtney Kardashian a few days before Shanna removed hers. Would her removal have been influenced by Travis’s tattoo move?

Travis debuted a new tattoo of the phrase, “I love you” written in his girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian’s handwriting. The picture of the tattoo was shared by several ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashian’ fans. The tattoo was on Travis Barker’s forearm. In addition to that, Travis inked his affection for the reality star by inking ‘Kourtney’ on his check, directly above his left nipple.

“I tattoo,” Kardashian caption the post.

“I’m very much over my ex. It is been a long time. However, do I think some of the PDA that he’s doing with her is weird? [Yes],” Shanna said.

“The movie, True Romance, that I feel like they’ve been bonding over was the theme of our wedding. Our daughter’s named after the character in the movie. Flying banners overhead as we did on Meet the Barkers. Stuff like that … I just think it is weird,” continued Moakler.

However, the pageant queen noted that she’s “really, genuinely happy” for Barker.

“I want the father of my kids to be happy and to have a partner that makes him happy … and a better father. As long as she’s good to my children, that’s truly all I really care about,” she said.

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