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Are Scott Disick and Kanye West Done With The Kardashians?


Kanye West and Scott Disick did not wish Kim or Kourtney Kardashian on Mother’s Day. Probably, it is a simple yet significant gesture that West and Disick are done with the Kardashians for good. The two did not bother to honor the mother of their children on Sunday. It is definitely a huge indicator.

However, it is entirely possible that both men did something behind the scenes. On the other hand, neither did Kim Kardashian nor did Kourtney Kardashian share any photos of the gifts from the dads on their social media accounts.

Kim and Kourt’s Mother’s Day Highlights

Travis Barker celebrated Kourtney by elaborating floral arrangements for her. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian showed off the original perfume scents her children made for her. Honestly, those are indeed very thoughtful of the kids. Kim seems like she does not expect anything from her former partner, Kanye West. As a matter of fact, she feels ‘free’.

A source said that Kim and Kanye barely speak. They told a publication that:

“She is really OK whether he does something for her or not and she will not be upset either way. She will be with her kids and her own mother and so she is content either way.”

The billionaire was was perfectly OK with how her Mother’s Day played out despite the snub.

Kourt and Travis’s Love Spiral

It is fair enough to say that Kourtney Kardashian is so in love with drummer, Travis. It is in doubt that she even noticed Scott Disick’s glaring omission.

Kourt’s new love haze beau made sure she had an over-the-top celebration on Mother’s Day. Travis made such a beautiful arrangement for her that even if Disick tried to call, she probably hit “decline” on her phone.

Scott and Kourt have weathered so many ups and downs in their relationship. Kourt has probably come to expect less from him. Especially when the Blink-182 drummer is exceeding all expectations.

In addition to that, it seems like Kourt’s children are fond of Travis too. This may be pinching to Scott. Scott Disick on the other end tries to distract himself from the Kourt-Travis situation with his model girlfriend by his side.

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