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Harry Styles Wins British Single Award

Harry Styles at Brits 2021

Former One Direction star, Harry Styles took home the Best British Single award with Mastercard for his hit song Watermelon Sugar.

However, it was his accent that stole the show during his short speech, in which he generously dedicated his award to the NHS heroes and keyworkers.

“I just continue to be baffled by moments like this. They make me more and more incredibly grateful that I get to do this job every day,” said 27-year-old Harry Styles.

The Worcestershire, England-born star rocked a beautiful yet strange American-British accent. His accent certainly stole the show.

“I am really happy and proud to be here celebrating British music tonight. I want to thank my friends for being so generous to me, always. And everyone who always has my back. Thank you so much for everything you did for our country, this one is for you,” Mr. Styles added.

Reactions On Harry’s ‘New’ Accent

Viewers and Styles’ fan definitely went crazy on his accent. Here are a few reactions:

One viewer said: “Since when did Harry Styles have an American accent?”

Another admitted: “I don’t know what I screamed more at, @Harry_Styles winning best British single or that American accent. The man does not disappoint.”

Another added: “Harry Styles pack that accent in lad.”

Someone else asked: “What the bloody HELL is Harry Styles accent!?”

Harry Style’s Heart-Warming Message

While some focused and praised his accent, others were touched by the message he gave regarding the health workers.

In fact, one of his fans said:

“OMG HARRY STYLES GAVE HIS SECOND MINI BRIT TO KEYWORKERS. HAS HARRY STYLES JUST GIVEN ME A BRIT AWARD (this is the one and only time I will milk the keyworker thing and call myself a keyworker).”

“Harry made sure not to leave out the #keyworkers when collecting his British Single award,” said another.

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