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Kim Kardashian’s Bleached Eyebrow Trend


Kim Kardashian’s bleached, honey-brown eyebrows sent fans spiraling all over the internet. The fashion trend setter is daring to try anything new.

Billionaire, Kim Kardashian took it to Instagram Stories to reveal her new trend. She shared some selfies that were snapped on set at a photoshoot. The KKW Beauty founder gave a glimpse of her hair being curled and eyeliner being flicked. The videos took a whole different tone,.

She styled in pigtail braid in the pictures as well. In addition to that, she had brushed white cream bleach through both her eyebrows. Kim Kardashian posed the question ““Guess what the vibe is on set today?”, on her photo as a caption.

A few clicks through her stories, she revealed her eyebrows bleached. It turned to a honey brown, blonde color.

“It’s really cute, guys. My bleached brows. I’m into it. Can’t wait to show you guys the final look,” she said.

Kim Kardashian’s Crazy Transformation

While fans thought that was all about the transformation, Kim had more. She colored her hair honey blonde. The bouncy bob that swapped her dark brown long locks and her barely-there brows gave her the biggest transformation. Fans totally unexpected it.

Kim posed a Jesus Guerrero type of look with her shoulder-length hair. She beautifully captured a retro vibes with a bob that was flipped at the ends. In addition to that, Kim’s brows that were not quite visible was the focal point of the very 90’s glam vibe. Kim had a full face beat.

Ariel Tejada’s Creative Magic

Ariel Tejada is a makeup artist. He usually works with Kylie Jenner. Ariel was in charge of the photo shoot beauty look that Kim Kardashian rocked. He usually paired with the reality TV stars on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to bring out their best looks. He paired Kim Kardashian’s look with light eyebrows with a nude lip and heavy brown lip liner.

In addition to that, Ariel Tejada went for a smoky approach for Kim’s eyes. He applied black eyeliner o the lower and upper lash line. Ariel chose a dark green shadow along with the outer corners of Kim’s lids. He brought out the 90s’ feel as he added white eyeliner into her waterline as a finishing touch.

However, Kim Kardashian later snapped a picture showing that the look was only temporary. She showed off her dark brown brows and hair once again.

Kim posted a picture on her Instagram page saying “I’m back to dark already, don’t worry.”

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