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New York On Lockdown To Control Further Spread Of Coronavirus

NewYork on Lockdown for americans

New York is on lockdown due to the deadly coronavirus attack that broke out after the first case, which was detected about a month ago. On the present day, officially, the rise of positive cases in New York has been declared to 5,200, which are now under isolation, death due to the virus is 29 in New York State. As many as 750 has been hospitalized; this led Governor Cuomo to predict the upcoming days will lead to far more increased cases of the corona virus-positive cases.

Ultimately the control of spreading can be reduced by social distancing. It is impossible unless the decision of a virtual lockdown is implemented in New York. Apart from New York on lockdown, Illinois will join the lockdown. California has already been under the situation of a virtual lockdown from Thursday. The lockdown has been encircled to New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, apart from it 8 San Diego and No. 14 San Francisco.

The highly atrocious condition has leaped in the major European Countries, the death toll in entire New York City has led up to 200 deaths. It is from Friday 21st March 2020 that the country government has decided to lock 70 millions of Americans inside their homes.

Market to Face a recession as Part of US including New York On Lockdown

The economy is already facing a drop worldwide due to the epidemic that started at the beginning of the year 2020. The last financial crisis on major effects was in 2008, and the next is such financial that is faced in history is due to the spreading of coronavirus. In a recent observation on the stocks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen to 900 points. The loss faced at the end of this week is 17%. The strike in the stock market led to a recession that will take more than about a year to overcome the recession in the market.

Major gathering places with massive crowds in theatres on Broadway or nightclubs for young people is not observed. Rushes for the buses and town markets are less, and on the other part, colleges and Universities have closed earlier on the start of the disease. New York On Lockdown has led to the closing of all the public places, and stay at home, work from home has been ordered if possible.

New York on Lockdown can reduce testing

The infected people in the US have increased to 17,000. This has turned out to an uncontrollable situation. Coronavirus effects will lead to shortages of healthcare amenities such as masks, ventilators, and other equipment, including the exhausting detection kits. New York lockdown is a result that has been the major infected area due to coronavirus. The social distancing can reduce the contacts in the area and help in flattening the infection graph of not only the particular area but all the locked-down three areas of the US.

It was earlier this week that President Donald Trump had declared this present situation as a wartime emergency, to increase the production and supplies to the medical requirements.

Not only has New York on lockdown been the initiative of the government along with the declaration of the wartime situation. Trump has taken the initiative to close the Mexico border to stop any kind of entry to the country. It has led to stop any type of business transaction or trading with the country.

The virtual lockdown was declared in California on Thursday, while nonessential business to remain close. On the other hand, all businesses except medical and life-sustaining business have been closed. According to the reports by the Johns Hopkins University, about 275,000 are confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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