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New York Governor Cuomo Announces Re-opening Long Island and Westchester

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Governor Cuomo announced about reopening Long island and West County. The businesses of Long Island are closed from the onset of the lockdown about more than two months ago. Apart from Long Island, another part of New York, Westchester County, will reopen, both parts of the state will open together in the same week.
Westchester County has been one of the highly infected areas that led to the requirement of deploying national guards for the food and other essential services to the people.

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The announcement was made after the opening of the small islands and allowing small gathering to limit of 10 members. It is applicable for small ceremonies and occasions, including the gatherings on the beaches.
As the coronavirus graph of New York shows an effective downfall of the viral widespread. Deaths due to coronavirus has dropped down to hundred which was to thousands a few weeks ago.

According to Cuomo, the death rate has reduced, but still, life loss is a tragedy. While the economy of Long Island is down, the government takes the initiative to reopen the shops and businesses. Almost community widespread was observed in Westchester when no history of international trips was among the infected people; its people doubts about resuming work.

Mid-Hutson Region will open on Phase-1

Governor Cuomo mentioned specifically about reopening New Rochelle and Long Island this week with all the preventive measures and guidelines as approved by the health officials of the country at phase-1. Though New Yorkers are not confident to open their businesses, the residents of New Rochelle describe reopening of economy or shops as a too early attempt.

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Cuomo describing the first phase of reopening the New York economy will include agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and wholesale trade. Apart from these, businesses retail are allowed for the in-store pickup or the sectors with less coronavirus intensity or low curb-side. While few New Yorkers believe that reopening of the businesses will not cause any difficulty if the guidelines are carried out properly. Lots of people are suffering because they are jobless, and this relaxation will enable them to find a job to earn their living.

Additional transport system for those who will go to work.
Cuomo also said that the state is working on the transport system; it is for the people who will be joining work after the business and offices open. State transports will be providing additional cars to the train so that the people of Westchester County and Long Island do not face any difficulty while traveling. A proper distance will be maintained, reducing the chances of being affected by the disease.

Cleaning of buses and trains, including other public vehicles, will be cleaned every-day, it will be sanitized, Governor stated that regularly sanitizing public transport is for the first time in the state. Slowly the state is looking forward to coming back into their normal life with the opening of the economy in Long Island and Westchester.
Governor Cuomo addressing the New Yorkers said, “We’re preparing for Long Island to open. We’re getting the transportation system ready.”

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No need to mention that masks are compulsory whenever stepping out of the house. It will help the people to come out of the financial crisis due to unemployment by opening the business and offices. About more than two months of lockdown has overall led more than 36 million people suffering from unemployment.
Mentioning about unemployment Hugo Moreno said, “ many people are not working right now, so they need the money.” The sports team has been advised to start their training, as it will help in working for the economy of the country and a mode of entertainment for the people who will stay at home.

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