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A New Kind of CityPASS


CityPASS, a company which has given thousands of tourists an experience to remember by showing them around 12 cities in North America. Not only does it give travelers to “ooh” and “ahh” at the sites they see, but it also has given them a discounted rate in order to see and visit more. New York City is no stranger to CityPASS and has constantly been on the map as one of the top North American destinations for foreigners with CityPASS coming in handy for those on a budget. Now, a new concept has been brought out.

In comes New York C3, a mobile pass that one can keep on their phones. This not only allows things to go more digital, it also allows users to pick three out of ten ‘must-see’ New York City attractions in one visit, rather than the CityPASS which allows visitors to chose a set number of things to do in a matter of nine successive days.

The idea of the concept was to give more things to do for the travelers who do not have the adequate time to fit in all the attractions, and also to returning travelers that did not get to do everything they wanted to on their first trip. New York C3 is available online only through citypass.com, and can be carried on a smartphone rather than a booklet like CityPASS is. There is no order in which the sites can be visited, one can choose the order and is given a barcode in order to visit the sites. If one has no smartphone, they can print out a voucher which would have the barcodes for the sites. The mobile pass is $73 for adults and $51 for children between the ages of 4-12. One saves up to 25 percent on this pass rather than going to the actual sites and paying their price. A convenient concept for travelers from all over.

Sites that are included in the pass are The Empire State, Top of the Rock, American Museum of History, the 9/11 memorial and museum, the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, and more.

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