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St Patrick’s Church New York The Oldest Cornerstone Of US

St Patrick's Church

St Patrick’s Church has been a cornerstone of the country, the oldest and prominent landmark of the US and New York City. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church built in between the 50th and 51st Streets of the east side, Fifth Avenue.
The finest artistry to explore the Neo-Gothic Roman Catholic that inscribes the ancient designs and architecture. Significant features and aesthetics of the St Patrick’s Church New York that makes it the best place to visit are:-

Did You know that Window’s Stain Glasses are collected from different parts of the world?

St Patrick's Church Glass Painting

Photo courtesy – Pinterest

Looking at the large window panes, you can see the beautiful glass etching work. The etching or painting on the window glasses has been collected from different parts of the world.
The bible stories are depicted, and it owns the Gothic Architecture, while the restoration work was carried out in 2015, a protective layer has been added on the surface to avoid damages on the paintings of the glasses.

Contribution to the wonderful creation of the stories on stained or etched glasses was designed by famous designer Chartres, France. Diocese of Albany, the diocese of Buffalo, diocese of Brooklyn and Old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral has contributed to the installation of the recital window panes.

Depiction On the Doors Of St Patrick’s Church

St Patrick's Church Doors

Photo courtesy – Eport folio

Even the bronze doors speak a story about six people, three women are “Mother of Immigrant” in the center-right is St. Frances X Cabrini, Ven Kateri Tekakwitha at the bottom left “Lily of the Mahawks”.
At the bottom right is the statue of Mother Elizabeth Seton “daughter of New York”, first native-born US citizen.
St. Joseph, Statue is depicted on the left top, St Patrick on the top right, the patrons of the church and Isaac Jogues Catholic priest on the middle left.
The entire depiction is on the 9,200 pounds weighing door sculpted by John Angel, and the idea was designed by Charles Maginnis.

Amazing Baptistry Design

John La Farge was the designer of the Baptistry of the St Patrick’s Church, he was a famous artist and his artistry is seen in glass paintings. He was a pioneer in Japanese art who took an interest in painting churches and public buildings.
His amicable dedication can be observed in Trinity Church Boston, Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North California.
The baptistery designs with the interpretation of miniature art along with the carved statues speak the stories of the “Bible”. The art and aesthetic together make it a persuasive Gothic Architecture observed in St Patrick’s Church.

Oldest tallest Monument or building

St Patrick's Church

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Chatwal.com

The transepts of the St Patrick’s Cathedral NYC is 174 feet wide and is 332 feet long and the spires rising from the street level is about 330 feet which makes it the oldest and the second tallest building of the New York City.
Though after inventions of skyscrapers and architectural monuments, the difference remains is entitling the church as tallest, but when we consider about oldest and tallest together St. Patrick Church is the historically proven tallest building.

Old and New St Patrick’s Church New York
New York City had only one church St Peters, but with the increase of population, the demand of another church was growing so it was in 1809 that the construction was started On Mulberry Street. Finally, it was after twenty years that another St Patrick Church New York was on construction. It was in the meantime that the Older Church was damaged due to fire, and the new one was under construction.
So, the older church was rebuilt finally with the construction of both the churches, St Patrick’s are two, Old and New.

Whenever you visit St Patrick’s Church New York, the artwork of the Pieta that was sculpted is three times huge than the popular sculpture of Michelangelo’s Pieta.
The amazing and inspiring artwork won the artistry prize honored by the World’s Colombian Exposition to Stations of the Cross of St Patrick’s Church New York.

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