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Coronavirus Attack In Italy Confirms 400 Terror Leads 14-day Segregation 700 In New York City

Coronavirus NewYork

As many as 700 travelers have agreed to stay segregated for 14 days after returning to New York City. They were in China during the transmission period and outbreak of the Coronavirus. The core of the disease formation was in Wuhan; several people are infected, still suffering from the epidemic viral disease attack in China.

To date, New York City has confirmed no new coronavirus cases. But preparations and aids are already in alert perhaps if any emergency outbreak of the infectious disease navel coronavirus occurs. An amount of 40$ has been kept to use it in support of medical treatments for New Yorkers.
Recently six people in New York were suspected of carrying the virus but finally, they were cleared free from coronavirus. As stated by Mayor de Blasio their officials are prepared to face the situation due to the sudden attack of the Coronavirus. The state hospitals have arranged 1200 beds for the suspected people. Above all 1.5 million face masks have been distributing to the health care workers.

New York Street and Public Area Coronavirus Awareness

For public alerts and awareness, the public areas are covered with signs, remind them to stay clean, wash hands and stay away or do not come in contact with sick people. Officially WHO has termed The novel coronavirus as Covid-19, and this terror has forced the Health Department to ask them to self-quarantine voluntarily for upcoming next two weeks.
Around 83 travelers from China to New York city are from Nassau County; 8 in Westchester and 29 in Suffolk County. Blasio also said that “We’re in a state of high vigilance”. The government is ready to address the Covid-19 crisis.

47 countries and more are being affected…

After the outbreak of the disease, travelers were affected by the virus. About more than 47 countries are affected by the coronavirus, including Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong. The death toll due to the infection has led to 2807.
As Wuhan, China, was the epicenter of the navel coronavirus, the death toll was intensified to be the highest. At least, 2746 people died in China, 19 in Iran, 13 in South Korea, 3 in Japan and 13 in Italy, as recorded till 27th February 2020.

Italy surges the coronavirus crisis…

While the New York government has spoken about their high vigilance state, Italy expresses a concern as 400 cases are registered. It is a sudden rise of the navel coronavirus from 80 to 400. The Italian government is emerging with preventive measures to stop the spreading of viral disease.
The universities and schools are closed to stop further contamination. Public events were withdrawn in Italy. It is a major virus outbreak that observed an increase from 80 infected to 400 people. Finally, 55,000 people have been isolated, hotels, restaurants, and cafes have been closed for the time being.

EU Health Commissioner stated…

Stella Kyriakides, EU Health Commissioner stated in the report “This is a situation of concern, but we must not give into Panic”. Health Commissioner has also mentioned about the suspects who are still unknown about the symptoms.

Though New York is safe till now from the breaking epidemic, on the other hand Europe is facing the next epidemic threat after the major part of China reporting decrease the case related to coronavirus.

As the outburst of the disease in Italy has increased President Trump eases the fear of his citizens ensuring the low risk of the virus attack, coronavirus.

Though a possible case was declared, the subject is from California and is under observation. It may be the first case in the US, who is admitted to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

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