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LaGuardia Airport New York Fun Facts

LaGuardia Airport

The smallest Airport of New York Metropolitan is the “LaGuardia Airport”, among the three airports the largest is the John F Kennedy International Airport located in the Southern Queens. The other is the Newark Liberty International airport, New Jersey. One of the smallest and attractive airports based in NYC that has exciting and fun facts that can be shared below.

LaGuardia Airport, Non-stop flights on Saturdays?

The Laguardia Airport is after the name of New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, it was when he was supposed to land in New York and he landed in Brooklyn. Mayor was disappointed and annoyed, declared to the requirement of one more airport.

An important part of the airport is no international flight lands. Non-stop flights are not allowed unless on Saturdays. So, if you are planning to visit the airport in international flight pick the right schedule.

The construction of the airport started in 1937 that was carried out on a private airfield.  It is the oldest airport in New York City. The reconstruction of the airport has been unveiled on 29 October 2019. The new expansion of the airport with the addition of terminals, the 18-gate concourse was in terminal B.

3.9$ billion spent by Port authority and Delta to complete the airport constructions. Terminal B was demolished and rebuilt.

Worst airport declared in 2012 survey

According to the survey conducted in 2012, this airport was declared as the worst airport in the country. Still, after the redesign and splendid construction of the airport, it stands as the 29 largest Airports of America. The designs were created by the Shop Architects, Dattner Architects and Present Architects who have worked on the airport design concept.

The airport was not at all bearable by the traveler, while till the time it was rebuilt, this New York airport was declared as the frustrating airport by Bloomberg.

Hard to reach the LaGuardia Airport

The major issue of the airport is to approach the airport is difficult as public transport is far from LaGuardia Airport. Though the National highway is nearer, but no railway line is close; this makes the airport difficult to reach.

Among the top problematic airport related to the atmosphere, La Guardia airport New York is ranked number 2. New York is the busiest commercial rich country. The airport has retained its importance as it is among the busiest airport of the country.

The best part of the new design layout of the LaGuardia Airport, the project includes the ferry services and the rail line link along with a new transit station. These are the future planning that will increase the priority of the airport. Till now the airport stands as the 17th busiest airport.

 Best attraction is Terminal B

While Terminal B has been the major part of the construction of the airport, the fun fact of the area is the presence of two best food courts. You will notice the spacious eating courts with shopping zones.

LaGuardia Airport was once the biggest Jail complex of NYC is now one of the well-ranked airports.

Future Plans: Marine Air Terminal

The new terminal is present near to the Grand Central Parkway, and it is the major highway that crosses by the airport. The plan also has the design of the Marine Air Terminal and a hotel inside the airport. So, in the future, the facilities to be developed by the authority are highly convenient and comfortable.

The excellent prospect of the airport construction and expansion resides. The new LaGuardia Airport will provide 8000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs.

Apart from the major fun facts, the stunning light designs and layout of the lights have been an inspiring theme of architecture and design. High raised, innovative and designed ceilings along with automated tram circulation within the airport indicate LaGuardia airport as the best airport.

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