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New York Jewelry Store “Ame” With Enigmatic Charcoal Interiors

New York Jewelry Store "Ame"

New York Jewelry store “Ame”, interior design is disclosed. Before discussing the integrated parts of the charcoal steel wall interior work of the diamond shop in New York Soho district it is essential to know about other major designs by the architect and designer Baranowitz and Kronenberg from Isreal.

Contribution of the designers in X Bank and W Amsterdam

Architects’ studio Baranowitz and Kronenberg were founded in 1999 by Alon Baranowitz and Irene Kronenberg. Together they have experiences of working internationally as well as in their country. They have bestowed with their creativity in interiors and architectural designs. Top work in designing projects includes Sir Joan Hotel in Ibiza; Villa V, the main part is the mirror bridge within the sunken courtyard.

One of the best creationswas the X Bank with the fineness of creativity with magnificent work on different sections of the space. The interior design of the duchess restaurant that is located at the center hall describes a sophisticated ambiance with a high ceiling. It is connected to the W Amsterdam hotel that is also designed by them.

The best features of the New York Jewelry store “Ame”

Steel walls: Charcoal steel walls are placed on the interior of the walls; this is the unique combination of the color and the material used in the interior design for the retail shop. The steel panels create a lustrous atmosphere with a modern design developing warmth through the invariant style of the steel panels of Ame jewelry shop New York.

Safe: The safety and durability tend to become the main concern. The steel panels solve the problem of the maximum extent. The strength of steel panels is far higher than the other materials. So, the interior design is supposed to remain intact for several decades as a signature of the Architects.

Reflection: Imagination is the main object that has to enable to design the space with each effective element used for designing the New York Jewelry store “Ame”. The steel panels with charcoal reflection generally reflect the theme of past industrial nature, making it a historical architectural place of Soho New York.

Lights and shadows: The steel walls that were possible to develop easily; it was due to the availability of the steel material in the area surrounding Manhattan. The darkness of charcoal and the lightning work complements the game of lights and shadows. The light work on the steel ceiling creates a prodigious mirror appearance.

Space:  It is already known that dark ambiance makes space look smaller than its original size. But the modern thought over the ease installation of the steel panels and rods as part of the interior has created a difference in the thought, as shown in New York Jewelry store “Ame”.

Displays:  The steel panels are arranged vertically from the ground to the ceiling. Dividers that created to place the diamonds, it acts as a display. The separate art glass vessels are known as cloches used for diamond placement.

The clear glass with the round periphery and with steel bottoms are monochromatic but do not create a dull appearance. It is because of the glossy appearance of the steel.

Words and thoughts about their conception of designing Charcoal Interior of NewYork Jewelry Store “Ame”…..

According to the statement made by the architects they have stated that the cloches acts less as space for display and have tried to create an impression with the art glass used in the display or storing of the diamond jewelry.

The team also said that the New York Jewelry store located in New York Soho, will be a cutting edge to the modern design; it creates a new impression and also reflects the soul of the “Ame” Jewelry Shop.

The smoky panels….

The dark sheen of the steel panels have made a smokey appearance with a chemical reaction of liquid and then lacquered to interrupt in the further chemical reaction.

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