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New York Artists Supports Black Live Matters Street Art Through Mural Paints

New York artist-black live matter

The Black Lives Matter is the voice raised against racism in which New Yorkers are participating in one way or another. The artists have also come down to the streets to spread the message against racism. New York artists have used mural paintings to describe their thoughts to support the lives of blacks.

Death of George Floyd has turned to a great revolution in which all Americans have participated in peaceful gatherings on the street. Slowly the protest diverted to become violent after a few days of peaceful protest.
This call by the New York artists are against the police brutality and the racism which is seen worldwide, the protest is carried out by signing petitions, peaceful protests on the streets, and donating for the needy in the crisis. Dyckman street storefronts are filled with mural paintings of George Floyd as a sign of support to the Black live matters revolution. It began with the interest of one of the New York artists Daniel Bonilla who wanted to show his concern against racism, wanted to show his patron. So he painted mural paint after permission from the restaurant owner of Mamasushi. He dedicated the portrait to the painter Bonilla who painted the frontage of the restaurant supporting black lives matters.

new york artists mural artists

Photo courtesy: Flickr.com

His painting was on the portrait George Floyd, the victim who died after harassed by the American white police. Another mural painting revolution is also carried by Denis Ouch to show his support for the black people. His theme was different, who chose Superman as his theme. According to his concept, this character showed “Strength and indestructibility.” He started painting a related portrait throughout the buildings of the city. Ouch, the artist, is a Brooklyn based artist who wanted to show his support and spread the message of equality.

12 New York artists of Brooklyn gathered to paint the road
On day 1 of the revolution, the 375 wide Fulton Street was painted with mural works for the Black Lives Matter. Twelve artists were on the road to work on the paintings. The paintings that started from the Fulton Street ended covering several blocks the Bedford-Stuyvesant. The whole painting, which began at noon on Saturday, the whole night painters worked, and the next morning the theme work is revealed to the citizens.
The initiative has been taken to inspire artists to paint a similar painting throughout the areas of the US, Washington, and DC.
Alley Graffiti when Blacks killed by the police
Recently a video was made by a local rapper in which the background is a graffiti-laden alley. The graffiti consists of the name of the blacks who have been the victims of the American police.

new york artists

Photo courtesy: Flickr.com

An attractive graffiti work is written on a black wall and the name written in white color. It has attracted people who were passing by the Liberty Street by the Michigan Theater it is a passageway that is 14 feet tall and about 30 feet long.
It is a voice of the people who are facing the brutality of the police and similar to George Floyd several more blacks of not only New York but different states of the US have been assaulted. This Ann Arbor’s Graffiti, a mural work in Downtown, has described in an innovative way that Black lives matter.

The movement of Black lives matter has gained its interest to spread its word and stand against the police brutality. It started with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis when he was killed by a white policeman. The attack on this jobless black man has turned out to take a huge revolution to protect the lives of blacks who are suffering to survive. The Mural paintings that started from the road painting with yellow color carried out by the New York artists on Fulton street.

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