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Real Estate Manhattan New York Top Luxurious Places Touches Heights

Real Estate Manhattan New York

Manhattan, the skyrocketing real estate place of New York, it is the expensive area that has captured a rising fruitful market. The value has increased due to the topmost apartments build in the area because of the real estate Manhattan New York. Topmost can be a statement to feather up the magnificent layout of the apartments as constructed by the real estates within the Manhattan Island laid over the marble hill section on the mainland and also the enormous gratified beauty of the number of islets in East River.

The avant-garde designs of apartments made it the luxurious allotted floors, in which the apartments are sold at an average cost of $ 1,376 per square foot. Hereby a sophisticated assessment can already be grabbed about the Manhattan city’s connection with real estate.

Expensive and luxurious both have made a justified contradiction to the real estate introducing it as the costliest real estate in the world. As observed in January 2019, when one of the properties was sold at a price for $238 million in Central Park South. Manhattan has been surrounded by the top neighborhoods they are:


Describing Soho as one of the preferred areas for the real estates, which possess the richest houses and apartments constructed, made an optimized space for booming real estates.  So, it leads to luxurious, stunning apartments attracting many celebrities to purchase apartments in Soho.

SoHo has been brimming with penthouses that have been purchased by celebrities like Tyra Banks, Jonah Hill, and Kelly Ripa. The history of the highest sold home was $2.8 million in Soho as the neighborhood of Manhattan, New York.

Flatiron District

The historical corner building located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Broadway has made a favorable place for real estate Manhattan New York development. While describing the luxurious buildings stands, penthouses that have raised to the average price of $40 million.

It also includes stylish, luxurious hotels and restaurants that are built the aroma of the atmosphere has influenced and attracted celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Jeff Gordon to own space in the Flatiron district.

Hudson Square

The place was famous for its name “Printing District,” which has an unbelievable rise in the apartment sale price of $2,264,000. One of the most desirable areas for the real estate to construct apartments and earn high on areas per square foot.

High on demand, Hudson Square is a place for the creative departments and media-related activities due to the wondrous settlement of architectural composition and construction.

Central Park South

As stated earlier about the expensive apartment sale, which has already pointed out at the rise of real estate, Manhattan, New York.  The average sale price of apartments in Central Park South in 2019 was $ 1.5 million.

White House, Manhattan New York

Photo Courtesy – Nimvo.com

President Donald Trump’s Penthouse resides in Trump Towers, Manhattan, which demarcates a value of $100 million. The presence of the million-dollar property that overlooks Central Par and Manhattan skyline has made a great property value difference in real estate Manhattan New York.


This booming neighborhood for real estate, Chelsea, was once a well known industrial neighborhood. Primarily grown as an industrial belt, Chelsea has now turned in to high rise luxurious townhouses, popular restaurants.

The Chelsea Market and High Line are an essential part of the developing real estate in Manhattan, New York.

Top Celebrities who own amazing apartments

Tyra Banks: The famous Supermodel owns her apartment of 7000 sqft, the fantastic view of the apartment cannot be denied with the river and city view, at the Battery Park, Manhattan.

Mike Myers: Tribeca has been another hot cake for real estate Manhattan Newyork, and this place has been the choice of Mike Myers, who possesses an area of 4241 sqft.

Real Estate has been booming market as observed by the last average sales of 2019, the incredible growth of spontaneous building and sale of the luxurious apartments indicates the demand for real estate Manhattan New York City.

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