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WiFi In The Big Apple Delayed


As a plan to get WiFi stations all over the five boroughs, one would think it would come as a quick and easy plan. Not so much. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan has taken a toll and has been delayed  due to a lawsuit, as well as strikes from Verizon Wireless.

The world is getting more modern, and pay phones will soon see a deadly road, as they are being removed and replaced with WiFi kiosks. In Manhattan, most of the kiosks have been installed, but are still behind schedule as 282 kiosks have been installed and activated, but there is a deadline of 322 activated kiosks. Manhattan, being the more modern and busiest borough, has had most of the kiosks installed, since it usually gets any new invention to help out the city first. Then the Bronx.

So far only two of the five boroughs have kiosks placed, being Manhattan and the Bronx. Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens have none. Staten Island is to have 20, while Brooklyn would have 62, and Staten Island 20. So far none have been activated and it is drawing much criticism from residents as de Blasio’s plan is way behind.

The kiosks are to provide locals, tourists, and visitors with free domestic calling, a tablet for free use, and charging ports for one to charge your phone. All at a convenience for thousands of people. Although the idea seems great and helpful, many are also criticizing the idea, as it is a ‘magnet’ to the homeless.

Many are becoming more frustrated, especially in the three boroughs in which they have not been installed, as many were looking forward to the kiosks. The project was called ‘unprecedented’ by Maya Worman, spokeswoman for the city Department of Information and Technology and Telecommunications. She said with that matter, there would be challenges, and that is exactly what has been faced.

Although a delay has drawn some issues and criticism, the wifi network was used over one million times already. Talk about a benefit and usefulness.

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