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Pokemon Fever is Hitting NYC


Pokemon is back, and it’s making it’s most incredible comeback ever. The Japanese company has returned to headlines and it has released a record breaking app. A game called “Pokemon Go”, making people addicted to the game, oblivious to their surroundings as they try and catch the pokemon, and intrigued.

New Yorker’s are playing the game in almost every corner of the street, as the game is based on a “reality” concept on one’s smartphone. The game has attracted so much attention world wide that even restaurant owners in New York City are booming with business.

Pizza bars and restaurants all over the city are seeing an increase in their businesses as they are attracting players to come into their restaurants in order to catch the Pokemon happening to take residence in their sections of the map. Pizza bars have been trying to get as many players as they can, causing more people playing to come by and pay to eat at restaurants, or pizza shops, etc. Many owners have seen an increase in sales all in thanks to the game.

Bar crawls, or in other words “pokemon crawls” have been invented and are continuing to be invented in order for more people to play the game and also to bring business into their restaurants or bars. Many of the crawls will start with a bar, and then move to restaurants, and or vice versa, and end or continue on to “pokemon gyms” or “pokestops”, which is where players can battle one another in the game.

A group is reported to have a crawl set up in Williamsburg, and another one in East Village at the Korean restaurant, Turntable 5060.

It is rumored that Nintendo, creators of Pokemon Go, will soon offer “sponsored locations” to businesses who are interested in attracting Pokemon Go players into their cafes, restaurants, or bars, but for now New Yorkers are reveling in this new rave, and restaurant and bar owners are taking in this craze for their businesses.

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