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Pokemon Go has a New Master


The new mobile game, Pokemon Go has been taking over the world.  Wherever a person goes, they see others walking down the sidewalk or towards the street in order to catch every Pokemon that they could find and one person in New York had caught ’em all.

New Yorker, Nick Johnson, 28, had spent the last two weeks of his life catching every available Pokemon in the area.  The dedicated master had played the game for 50 hours a week capturing monsters, evolving them and hatching eggs until he met his goal, according to NY Daily News.

Johnson had tons of time to play the game and he walked approximately 95 miles on foot.  The New York master went to certain spots in order to grab a decent number of the colorful creatures, like the Central Park Pokestop at Grand Army Plaza on 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Many people believe that the game helps get them off the couch and outside into the fresh air.  Johnson had lost around 10 pounds while he was walking and catching Pokemon.

Fans of the game try to gather all of the Pokemon and they go to great lengths to do it.  They either walk into the street or bump into other people.  All of this risk because they try to find unique and legendary Pokemon or ones they normally don’t find in their general area.

Despite his recent accomplishment in the game, Johnson has yet to finish his mission. Recent reports from Vox says that there are more Pokemon out there that have yet to be found or available in the game.  Pokemon that are more rare have yet to make an appearance and others are reserved in other continents around the world.

It’s not easy to achieve what Mr. Johnson did, but for those who are Pokemon fans, good luck trying to catch ’em all.

“Featured Image via Wikimedia”

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