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Art and Culture get a $64M improvement


Tourists come to New York City and want to enjoy the culture and the arts.  Now they can continue with the fun because the city decided to spend $64 million in order to improve arts and culture.

We see people lining up for Hamilton or looking at art at the museums or admiring flowers at a garden near them.  The improvement money will be used to create 68 museums, theaters and gardens, according to NY Daily News.

These new projects will include a new education center at Queens Botanical Garden for $12 million.  The money included will also expand the dance studios at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Fans of the African-American choreographer and avid dancers come to the Dance Theater to witness live performances and to take dance classes.  They offer training programs for new young students and the summer program offers them experience and live performances at the end of the session.

People of the cultural affairs committee wish to help give a memorable experience for tourists and all New Yorkers through art, dancing, music, and so on.  They try to offer knowledge and entertainment with the help of the newly enhanced institutions of art and culture.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, mentioned in the NY Daily News that, “The arts and culture does something that virtually nothing else can do – it takes a city abroad and as diverse as ours and makes it whole.”

Many of these institutions have also been awarded capital funding, including the American Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center.  Each place had been given thousands or millions of dollars in order to upgrade their organizations and give people what they want.

If a someone is a New York City fanatic and have been to the theaters and museums, they will have to come back and enjoy new changes and new attractions.

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