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A New Kind Of Eataly


By now all New Yorkers have heard of the famous Italian marketplace, Eataly. The Italian food industry has made its mark and is continuing to do so in many American cities. The vibrant marketplace offers a selection of counters, cafes, restaurants and a cooking school to fulfill the Italian cuisine dream of any New Yorker. Next month another Eataly will open up in New York City, offering more pastries, more pasta, and a whole lot of bread.

Currently, the only Eataly in New York City is the one in the Flatiron district, providing happiness to many locals and visitors. Now downtown will have an Eataly of its own when it opens up next month. Each of the Eatalys, not just in New York, but throughout the country have a theme. The theme for the new location opening up will be bread.

Eataly has had the reputation of always making its bread on the premises, making it’s food all the better and more fresh. At the new location this valued tradition will continue, but with a twist. Each month the location will host guests baking bread from all over the world. So for instance, in September, the ‘Kossar’s Bialy’s’ bakers will be making their bread at the downtown Eataly along with the regular bread makers, who will obviously continue to make Italian bread. The purpose of this is to expand on cultures and give a taste of bread from around the world, as well as give an ‘excuse’ to talk about other places of the world and what they have to offer in food, as the theme is bread. Other countries that will have their bread made at Eataly are Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, and Japan. Their bread will be sold as well.

The new location will be opened on the third floor of 4 World Trade Center. Besides bread, it will offer a juice bar, breakfast, grab and go foods, pastries, and of course pasta.

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