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MTA To Big Apple


A few months ago, a fire emerged from the bottom of elevated tracks in New York’s Harlem neighborhood. Luckily no injuries were reported, but damage was done to a stretch of track on Park Avenue. The fire caused a nightmare for commuters as trains were delayed, canceled, or given no answer as to when they would run on schedule again. All was wrong. Now a new nightmare is coming from the MTA, as they plan to sue New York City.

Due to the ‘carelessness, recklessness, and negligence’ from the city, MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) is filing a lawsuit seeking damages from the fire. The MTA is the second busiest commuter railroad in the United States. For many days it caused frustration among commuters as many were forced to take a different route to their everyday jobs or locations. The MTA filed a ‘notice of claim’, meaning come before a settlement or a litigation. In the notice, it states the recklessness of having flammable and explosive material under a railing that goes in and out to one of the busiest train stations in the world.

The source of the fire was the Urban Garden Center, whose space was leased by the Economic Development Corporation. They were named in the claim from the MTA. Officials have taken precautionary measures to prevent any fires from under tracks. Not only were beneath tracks investigated, but also citywide in areas that could cause a fire. Elevated tracks were also inspected, as some subways go above ground on elevated tracks as well. According to David Meyer, the MTA’s chief safety officer, he insisted that most dangerous materials from the scene have been removed.

The MTA’s revenue was poor for May due to the fire, coming in $2.4 million low. The MTA is seeking $3 million dollars in repair, in an approved contract that will be presented.

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