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When there’s a Music Bug, There’s Only One Cure: Broadway


Concerts, festivals, musical television shows: all are ways in which people desire music from their favorite artists, however in New York there is one way to enjoy another range of harmony: Broadway.

One of the city’s favorite and historical attractions comes from Broadway.  People line up to see performers dancing and singing along to a story that comes from iconic movies or moments of history.

When tourists are walking through Time Square and seeing all of the sites, they also notice what show is playing around this time.  Whether it’s an employee handing out flyers or an extensive billboard in front of a building, it gets the traveler’s attention.

The 11 time Tony Award winning show, Hamilton, is one of the reasons why tourists come to the city.  The songs and story about the life of Alexander Hamilton had brought glee to New York’s visitors.

Another show that draws in fans is The Lion King.  New Yorkers get to witness Simba’s journey on stage and his animal friends get out and dance all around him.  The audience gets to see the tale The Lion King being told in a theatrical way.

With Broadway, the stories that people thought they know have a different way of being told.  Play writers have unique ways of expressing a certain character or storyline.  One of which includes the popular musical called Wicked.

Stephan Schwartz’ work had delivered joy to tourists, New Yorkers, and music-lovers everywhere.  The tale of the Wicked Witch of the West was told in many ways from the book to the movie to this show.  With their perspective on the Wicked Witch and the musical stylings of Idina Menzel, shows have gotten sold out.

If someone wants to find some entertainment in their trip to the city, they will head in the direction of Broadway.

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