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Entertainment in the Park, and it’s all Free!


Summer has come and people in New York are outside playing ball, running, and enjoying musical performances in Central Park and other parks in the city, which is free.

New York City is home to one of the must-see free concerts during summer. One show that tourists line up for is Shakespeare in the park.

New Yorkers gather around the Public Theater to see the tales famous works such as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and more. Artists including Sam Waterston have starred in the Public Theater and performed plays like “The Tempest.” Tony Award-winning directors like Daniel Sullivan will return to the stage and produce more of their work.

When Shakespeare isn’t being told in the park, other artists travel to New York City to play their music for the fans. A wide range of performers from orchestra to circus acrobats to popular recording musicians come and showcase their talents.

Travelers also come to the park to get a decent laugh from comedians. Trevor Noah from The Daily Show will be one of the stand-up entertainers coming to the city to make the New Yorkers burst with laughter.

Circus performers also make their way to the stage, including Cirque de Jonee. The crowd advanced to the stadium when they witness the acrobats on the high wire and the three ring circus presentation.

Other concerts take place in Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. They can lure in classical lovers with the New York Philharmonic concert.  This orchestra played at Cunningham Park and executed music from Rossini to Mozart.

People from all around the world come to New York and perform free concerts for the New Yorker’s amusement. Danish and Norwegian Opera Singers show up and sing “Songs of Scandinavia” in order to educate the crowd with their culture and history.

Tourists will come to New York City to enjoy musical entertainment and when it’s free, no one can say no to that deal.

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