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Top 3 New Restaurants in NYC


Restaurants in NYC and in general, serve us the best food and we also serve them the best reviews. We write all about these new restaurants, their decoration, their menu and even when the chef changes. Why? Because we like it!

Here are 3 great new restaurants in New York City, hope you get the chance to try them.

Sushi 35 West

Sushi 35 West | Image Courtesty- Sushi 35 West

The first sushi restaurant on this list is Sushi 35 West. This place has everything I like about sushi. First of all, it’s in the middle of nowhere (35th west) and yet it manages to pull in people from very different parts of the city (Midtown East, Union Square, etc.) This might be thanks to their fish which comes directly from Japan. It really doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Their restaurant is fairly new and they’re doing what they can to make up for it with personality. At first glance, you’ll see a long bar where customers socialize while waiting for their orders or taking them away. You then have a regular seating area with exposed brick walls and some windows looking outside. And if you’re lucky enough to get one of the few tables, you’ll be treated to a view of this neighborhood.

Another important aspect of Sushi 35 West is its menu. You won’t see any California Rolls here! This place only serves authentic sushi.

They also offer some side dishes like edamame and green beans which are perfect for sharing while waiting for your order (or not) depending on how hungry you are!

What’s surprising about this place is its delivery service. It’s one thing to serve great food but it takes true dedication to deliver it quickly, safely, and at the right temperature. Their staff does exactly that!


Saga | Image Courtesy- Saga NYC

A saga is a place where you’ll be treated like royalty. Not only because you’re guaranteed to spend more than $100 here but also because of the elegance and sophistication of this restaurant.

This is why they’ve created something entirely new: an exclusive pre-opening dining experience that can accommodate 12 guests per seating. The price tag on that? $1,000 plus tax and gratuity! Doesn’t matter if it’s your birthday or anniversary (why would you celebrate on someone else’s dime?). This is the best way you know to impress everyone at your table on date night or girls’ night out!

Before Saga opened its doors, there were already people lining up for their reservation. What about once they’re open? Well, I went there the other day and managed to get a Saturday night reservation for ten people… in three weeks! So you know it’s going to be good.

Once you get in, you’ll notice a long marble bar with a wonderful atmosphere. There are also some tables but they have white tablecloths so only go there if you have something important to celebrate! On Saturday nights diners can enjoy live music from the talented David Krakauer who was formerly musical director of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute.

The menu includes dishes like beef tartare with soft-cooked egg yolk and black truffle vinaigrette, beef Carpaccio with arugula and Parmesan, spaghetti with Abruzzese-style lamb ragu as well as some great desserts.

Everything is exquisite from the food to the wine list which covers all kinds of palates. Be sure to have a conversation with sommelier Vincenzo Marianella or head chef Gino Angelini about what you like and they’ll make suggestions on the perfect way to enjoy every dish!

Fai Bene

Fai Benne | Image Courtesy- Fai Benne NYC

Now, it’s time for the eatery where you’ll get the best deal. Fai Bene would be a great choice for Italian cuisine and a popular new restaurant under $100 in New York.

This is one of the cutes restaurants and is conveniently located on 9th Avenue between 44th Street and 45th Street (hence its name “Fiore Bene”, which means something like “fountain of good things”). It has an attractive long bar with high stools where customers enjoy their drinks while waiting for their tables to be ready. There are also some rectangular tables if you want to share a meal with friends or family.

The best about this restaurant is its menu. Fai Bene has a long one which is divided into sections like “pastas”, “chicken”, “veal”, “pork”, “steaks” and even “seafood”. This makes it very easy to choose your dish!

One of their best dishes is the grilled octopus, served with mixed greens and lemon wedges, under the appetizers section. It’s topped with a tasty aubergine watercolor surface that you’ll enjoy while trying to get every drop of this marvelously flavored sauce on your fork!

There are some great seafood dishes too like the seared sea bass ($22) served with a delicious potato and fennel cake. Most of Fai Bene’s entrées are around $20 to $30 but you can also find some as high as $45 if you want (the grilled rack of lamb for two).

On the other hand, their pizza is really cheap. This might surprise you given its yummy crust and fresh ingredients! One slice costs only $3!!

There aren’t many restaurants like this where you can get such great Italian food and refreshing drinks for affordable prices (most restaurant meals fall into the price range between $10 and $20) in New York!

Now you know where to go for a delicious meal, so try it out and let us know what you think!

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