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Things You Should Absolutely Not Do in New York City

New York

This list is a compilation of all the things you should absolutely not do in New York City. The city may be known for its hustle and bustle, but there are some actions that just don’t go down well with locals. From running into people to taking pictures without permission, this article will cover 20 points on what not to do in NYC!

Do Not Pay For a Ferry Tour:

The ferry tour is an iconic part of the NYC experience. It’s a chance to see landmarks from afar like one would in any other city across the world. But this is not your average tourist spot-you’re walking straight into locals’ territory! And as we all know, tourists with money are often despised.

Do Not Buy an Ice Cream:

New York City has some of the best ice creams in the world. But you know what’s even better than a cone or pint? The ability to buy it for anyone and everyone! So when you’re walking down the streets, don’t stop at any vendors selling cold treats-just keep ongoing.

Do Not Take a Selfie by the Statue of Liberty :

The statue of liberty is a part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument, which means that you need to get permission from the park service if you want to take pictures. Sure it may be easy enough-just find some tourists and ask for their phones! But then again, nothing’s more annoying than asking someone for a favor.

So if you want to take a selfie at the Statue of Liberty, don’t do it by yourself- go with somebody else and not have them ask for permission first! It’s much easier that way!

Do Not Stay in an Airbnb:

For those who still are not convinced about Airbnb, now’s your chance to not stay in one. It is important that you mention this point because recently there was a debate over whether or not it should be illegal for people who are renting out their homes on Airbnb to deny service to those with African-American names and ethnic backgrounds. To avoid this problem, stay at a hotel or hostel!

Do Not Eat Street Food:

If you’re looking to get some good food in New York City, don’t look for it on the street. There are plenty of excellent restaurants and cafes that will satisfy your appetite with delicious foods like pizza, burgers, and fries. The point is that when you’re not looking to be adventurous with your food or drink choices in New York City-just go for the main course.

Do Not Take a Taxi:

If taking public transportation isn’t really up to your alley, don’t take taxis either! There is a multitude of reasons why you should not take taxis in New York City, the first being that they are very expensive. A trip from one side of Manhattan to another could cost up to $50!

Do Not Walk on Sidewalks:

Speaking of sidewalks-don’t walk on them either! Don’t get me wrong, the sidewalks are an important part of New York City. They provide a space for pedestrians to walk without having to share the road with cars. But since they’re so heavily used and overcrowded, try not using them as much as possible!

Do Not Wear Sagging Jeans in Times Square:

Times Square is an icon of the city, and a favorite spot for tourists to visit. But it’s also one of the most heavily patrolled places in New York City so if you’re wearing sagging jeans or any other clothes that show off your underwear (or worse), don’t wear them there! It’s not just the police that will give you a hard time-it’ll be locals too.

Do not use uber during rush hour

transport in the city is not always perfect, and sometimes it can take a while for an uber to come. So if you absolutely need your ride urgently-don’t use Uber during morning or evening rush hour!

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