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NYC Ferry Already Causing Delays


It was meant to be a historic movement in transportation in the Big Apple. It was meant to help out the transportation system and make way for a new way to move around the boroughs. It was meant to be unique. All of those happened within the first days, but now it’s already causing delays.

Just like the subway, the ferry is delayed. With commuters excited to try the new service it has proven to be just as delayed as the everyday subway system. Commuters have found themselves in a halt when coming to the ferry’s as the boats were arriving off schedule. Since the May 1st launch there have been 20 alerts posted on their Twitter about delays and cancellations.

The boats which come every 25 minutes are crucial to arrive on time as most people plan their day around these times and are expecting to arrive on time to their destination. With this “new system” deemed to be more dependable, it is seeming as if the old system was more reliable as it has not even been a month yet, and problems have occurred left and right for the Hornblower.

On opening day there were delays on top of delays, due to a malfunctioning sensor making it not a good start for the new system. Within a week later, East River boats were forced to go at slower speeds due to a fluid spill by Con Ed in Brooklyn.

Still, there is a positive side to all of this. Many, still seeing the system as new, are saying that it could all be glitches in the system and workers are probably still trying to figure out the “kinks” of it all. A spokesman for Hornblower said he saw data on the boats stating there was a 95% on time rate. They also stated that they are committed to running a “regular and more on time service.”

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