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Brooklyn Garden will reopen and is marijuana free


The Green Gem garden is East New York, Brooklyn that was shut down due to the growth of marijuana plants two years ago will open its doors once again this week, city official said in the New York Times.

In 2014, the marijuana had spread from the stones to the trees to the rest of the area.  Inspectors from the parks department discovered the drug from underneath a rain barrel and one year later they found more plants growing in the coffee cups, according to the New York Times.

The cause of the marijuana plants was from the work of a former gardener that took care of the landscape.  James McCrae, 60, a custodian to a medical center said in the New York Times, “The illicit plants were the work of a rogue gardener who was no longer part of the garden.”

The Green Gem had plenty of opportunities for people to come and enjoy the landscape.  Tourists from around the country grow their flowers and vegetables.  The garden was also a place for school groups to come and frolic all over the area for their own recreational activities.

The parks department had made a new agreement, which made McCrae give the garden away to a group of neighborhood residents.  The people in charge of the garden will be responsible for planting the tomatoes and harvesting the wine grapes.  McCrae won’t be running the operation after the reopening, but he will be allowed to work in the garden, according to the New York Times.

With the marijuana disposed of and the rogue gardener’s license revoked, the garden will no return to its former healthy state.  Even with the staff operating the area, the gates will once again reopen for their community.

New Yorkers and tourists will now have the opportunity to plant their crops again and children can play around for their own enjoyment.

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