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2,570 Illegal Listings Removed From Airbnb


With Airbnb being at some controversies in the past month, it has come with no surprise that legal action has been taken, especially in the Big Apple. Airbnb is an online company that allows one to list, and rent a vacation home in any part of the world, with a processing fee. With New York City being one of their top cities, it’s no surprise that now more controversy is coming to the site, as 2,570 illegal listings have been removed, even though housing advocates say it’s not enough.

With New York regulations being enforced to Airbnb, they have complied and removed 2,570 listings from the website. Just in the past month, 337 listings were removed in the five boroughs in New York. So why is this not enough? Overall in New York City there have been 23,937 Airbnb listings for an entire home and 20,940 for space in someone’s home according to mashable.com.

Throughout all of this, Airbnb is saying that it is not taking away from New York City’s housing, even though the contrary is being stated. It has been said that homes as whole are taking away from the housing supply that makes New York City’s housing what it is to this day. This helps drive up the cost of living in an already extremely expensive city.

To put in a better perspective, if one is posting a home onto Airbnb and it is not their home, or they simply bought or rented the home in order to put it on the site, it automatically puts them for disqualification from Airbnb.

It has been reported that 90 percent of the listings come from Manhattan and Brooklyn. With 2,570 listings removed is a fraction of the 1,500 listings that were removed last year in November. In a year from June 2015 to June 2016, there have been several removals in order to comply with the “one home, one host” policy deemed by the company.

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