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Mosquitoes Face off With the Health Department


Mosquitoes have been the one thing about summer that no one enjoys due to their bites and making everyone scratch themselves repeatedly, but that problem will be reduced in New York City neighborhoods with assistance from the New York City Health Department.

They will be spraying the Manhattan and Queens neighborhoods in order to exterminate these pests.  However, the ones that they are trying to get are the Asian tiger mosquitoes.  These were found in several areas in New York and people have had a higher risk of getting bitten and exposed to the Zika virus.

The Zika virus has been spreading in certain areas around the globe, including Florida and Rio de Janeiro.  The Health Department hopes to lower the risk of the disease by eliminating those neighborhoods of the flying blood suckers.

The treatment begins on 8/17 at 10 p.m. in New York areas such as Fort George, Inwood, Sugar Hill and Washington Heights.  In the event of poor weather, the process will begin the following day, according to the metro website.

People are still in danger of getting the Zika virus by a mere bite from the tropical insect.  Pregnant women are especially at risk because if the results are positive for the virus, their child will have a good chance of getting an unfortunate birth defect like microcephaly.

Bites from the Asian mosquito not only have a dangerous effect on pregnant women, but a bite can also give a person some symptoms that are mild but also common.  Symptoms include fever, rash, muscle pain, headaches, and conjunctivitis, according to CBS New York.

Those who are planning to keep themselves healthy and their babies safe, put on some bug spray and make sure that the neighborhood is free from any source of the Zika virus.

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