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A New And More Modern Subway For NYC?


Subways are used by thousands and thousands of commuters each and every day. They are jam packed with the millions each year trying to reach work. Some are tourists exploring the city and wanting to get somewhere quicker. While others simply are New York City commuters. With New York City having one of the busiest transportation systems in the world it is a common question to ask, ‘what will the future hold for NYC subways?’

With cities all over the world getting a more modern subway system, and while others are currently in the process of switching to more spacious cars, rather than having jam packed ones, New York City is still basking in it’s old and overused subway cars that have been causing some issues for commuters. Toronto has one of the only trains in the world to offer a ‘gangway’, which allows passengers to move freely as cars are connected. (Personally, I have been in the Toronto subways and all I can say is wow, they are spacious and clean!).

Now, New York City may just be in luck, as those cars could be coming to the Big Apple, officials announced. Known for its very uncomfortable cars, in a very heavy populated city, it only seems convenient and smart for the transportation system to invest in the ‘gangway’ trains. The exact date of when they could arrive and begin running is unknown.

The trains would not only be spacious and more comfortable, but they would also be considered ‘safer’. If an emergency were to happen on the train, there is ways to get away if needed. In a huge city such as the Big Apple, this is a key factor. New York City and Mexico City take on the top two spots for the largest subway systems in North America, with Toronto coming in third.

Design concepts have already been put in place, with a more modern and spacious look. Informative screens would also be placed outside subway stations to allow passengers to see how long the next train will take, giving them the option of going into the subway or catching a taxi of just going to another station. Along with the informative screens, there will be cameras on the trains that will always be running, and push strips in case of an emergency that would be easily accessible for passengers.

The obvious has to be considered as well. Toronto has only 69 stations, compared to New York’s 469. That means more trains and improvements, which would cost more. Reason being why an exact date has not been set as to when all these improvements could happen.

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